Brent McGillis: Oct 10, 2011

Monday, October 10, 2011

WCB Alberta is waiting for the next Patrick Clayton to walk in their door.

Absolutely nothing has changed at the WCB Alberta since Patrick Clayton took a gun into the Workers Compensation Board Edmonton and took a bunch of hostages, nothing, zip, nada.
It is just business as usual at WCB Alberta, screwing hard working Canadians out of any kind of medical treatment for their injuries. All the BS that has been pumped out by the Minister of Employment is really nothing more that a big giant heaping pile of Bullshit. He seems good at it.
Bullshitting I mean. As a labour minister he is good at ensuring that plane loads of temporary foreign workers will be doing most of the grunt work up at Ft. McStinky. Or Ft. McSpooge, or Ft. McCrack, whichever you prefer. As far as a labour minister who is good at putting forward progressive policies that will increase the safety of workers, he sucks. I mean he really does suck at his job. He is able to make empty promises, and deliver some convincing platitudes, full of empty BS and completely devoid of any kind of substance when it comes to worker safety or actually wanting to participate in any kind of meaningful change in Alberta. Change that will prepare the workers in this province for the challenges that are ahead in an ever increasingly competitive global work environment.