Brent McGillis: Oct 23, 2009

Friday, October 23, 2009

Injured Worker Initiated Alberta Stimulus Package

Well if there is one good thing to come out of this, imagine the millions the government is now going to have to spend on security across this province. Funny ED you and your crew claim that the Workers Compensation Board is a independent corporate entity, why is now necessary to beef up security at all your Government offices. Feeling a little insecure are we? That's it ED, further insulate yourself from the population. You know in the old days you guys used to just build a fort. This is really starting to feel like an Oligarchy.Well at least the money the government saved on my care is being spent well.
I am happy to announce on behalf of injured workers everywhere: A injured worker initiated "Stimulus Package". This is exactly what this province needs. Puts lots of people to work. As a bonus, they don't even need retraining. They are security guards. They need even less retraining than a injured Ironworker does. Good job ED. You guys just keep applying ToryNomics. Don't inject a stimulus package into the medical system by actually giving medical care to injured workers. No better yet, let the taxpayers of Alberta pay for my tests and ongoing care for the next 20 years. This is what happens when you let your drop-out relatives make medical decisions on behalf of the medical community. Not helping injured workers with their medical care is really just Another cleverly disguised HIDDEN TAX on hard working Albertans. Make CPP disability, the provinces welfare system and other governments across Canada pay for our care. It is the Alberta Way. Download responsibility on to a taxpayer funded agency. The total sum burden that has been downloaded onto taxpayers over decades by corporate employers is "Mammoth", incalculable really. You really have to give credit where credit is due. Government sponsored cleverly disguised taxes for decades is a gigantic accomplishment. C'mon Ed, give another speech about how low taxes are in "HELLberta". Phone the President of Canada (Stephen Harper), I'm sure they can add some of their own BS spin to this issue. Moo.
LADYS AND GENTLEMAN may I have your attention please. Looks like it is time for a Road Trip to Ottawa.

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Alberta and the loss of hope

Judging by the Alberta governments response, nothing is going to change. As I expected they are beefing up security across the board at all government buildings. Is the WCB saving employers money yet? Will the guy running this gong show stand up and make the shill bastards that are abusing our hard working citizens accountable, Not! These people are relatives of the government, they are not going to give up their do nothing jobs. They would not be able to rob us blind then. How will they get free financing for their time share projects in B.C.? Will the whistle blowers come forward, not likely. The robber barons are too busy running. Watching all hope fade before your eyes is truly a horrible experience. Any statistics the WCB produces is complete Blarney. Persons from this government open their mouths and B.S. comes out. Moo. The WCB Alberta and the government is making a "Mockery of Democracy". This is not the Alberta I grew up in. Here is a link to the CBC Radio Show the Current which I was interviewed on.

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