Brent McGillis: Sep 28, 2018

Friday, September 28, 2018

Adjudicator. J Young + Peter Vibe conspire to bring disrepute to AB Justice

 At the very forefront of the Rule of Law and the need to a fair and unbiased execution of the Law is something that Mr. J Young as an adjudicator obviously FAILED in his Law School Test is something called the Rules of Natural Justice.

The 2 most significant rules of Natural Justice sit at the forefront of Justice and they serve as the supporting PILLARS of JUSTICE.

  1: The right to an unbiased hearing

  2: The right to have your evidence heard at a hearing

On BOTH of these counts Mr. J Young FAILED miserably. Right from the beginning of the hearing ajudicator Young refused to view any of my evidence. This is a clear cut violation of the Rules of Natural Justice.

The fact that Mr. J Young refused to view ANY of our evidence, as he stated at the very beginning of the very first hearing we had on this affair, he said and I quote: "I am not going to look at any of your evidence."

If Mr. Young HAD done his Due Dilignence he would have asked Peter precisely WHY his SLUM was condemned as unfit for human habitation for renters, and then we would have presented our evidence of the March 31st meeting when Peter PROMISED to fix the sewer.

Here is a phone conversation with Tal, the guy who Peter claimed was going to buy the house. You have to click 2mm right of the play button for playback. It takes a couple of seconds to start.

This conversation is telling, because even more than a year, TAL still claims that he did not know that he as a phony developer would be required to serve the tenants with a FAKE notice to vacate.

Tal knew that me and my family lived in the house at 12103 88 St NW, Edmonton. So his story that he only buys vacant land is a flat out lie, he acts just like a fraudster just like Pete Vibe in my opinion. Their entire fabricated lie about buying Pete's house was to lend legitimacy to Pete Vibe's plan to evict us with NO notice IMMEDIATELY upon the completion of the work on Pete's Dump of a house. Pete is a slimy human is my assessment of his slimebag behavior. His whole "I'm Pete the retard act" whenever there was a problem with the house was just that; an act of fraud. Tal's story simply does NOT add up, he shows up renting Apartments and Condos on kijiji, yet he tells me that he only buys vacant land. If he is renting apartments and condos, then he full well knows what the rights of tenants are in buildings and in houses that have been sold. He is lying, to protect Pete? He is unaware that Pete is just a small time Hood? Makes a person wonder. This is simply typical behavior from a small time hood that was convicted back in the 70's for transporting speed, LSD, MDA etc. across the border from Sask. to Alberta. In the sixties and seventies the drug they called Speed, is what is called METH today. He has brought dishonor to his wifes good name, because it is unlikely that she has a criminal history. I do not know why I am surprised at the behavior of Pete Vibe, he simply went back to his criminal roots from the past. I know that he was double claiming some of the things we did on the house for Revenue Canada, dodging taxes.
Pete's entire life is one great big giant lie, he lies so much, he is like Trump and likely forgets some of the lies he tells. In China, the penalty for drug dealing, or transportation of illicit drugs is punishable by DEATH.

 Peter has brought dishonor to his new wife, who now carries his name with all of his lies and perverted behavior. Did Peter reveal his secret PAST in life to his new Mail order Asian Bride? Kind of a difficult discussion don't you think.

I have nothing against Asians, but it perplexes me that a grown man cannot find a bride in a country with 36 Million inhabitants. What does that say about his character and how he presents himself to women in Canada?

Peter's new bride could not even speak English when he married her, and still could not when she arrived. That on the surface just sounds like something that a creep would do for companionship.

Peter by his own admission never spent any money on his house for 20 years! I know, it is shocking that 1 human could be that Lazy. Or was he too preoccupied with Asian blowjob porn on his computer in the basement for 20 years? These are real questions about the character of Peter Vibe, he is a toxic person. That is what happens when you spend 20 years in your basement wacking off, would be my guess if asked about how this kind of disturbing behavior came about.

Peter never ever planned to fix the sewer, he only sought to get FREE work on his house, and then backdoor me by suing me falsely in a phony and bogus court of law. So there you have it folks, 100% CORRUPTION RULES this phony adjudication agency, this agency is nothing more than a CHEERING SQUAD for abusive landlords.  I would not be surprised whatsoever if Mr. J. Young did not tamper with the recording or simply did not press the recording button during our heated exchanges, that is the very ROOT of CORRUPTION. The director refusing to investigate this matter is the icing on the cake for this CORRUPT phony administrative Justice that was meant to replace the courts. Don't go contest anything at this agency, the whole thing is a giant FLIM-FLAM SCAM, period. More importantly, the Director of the Landlord Dispute Mechanism failed to act when I went to his office to report what had happened in the hearing. Not only did he fail to act, but he did not so much as acknowledge there was a complaint filed by me on the last day that I was legally allowed to file for a review of this case. The director told me that I was too late, when infact I was sitting right in front of him. He told me that in order to protest such a case that I would have had to file my grievance with The Courts at the courthouse. This is absurd, because I have no experience with this totally phony and bogus resolution SCAM, that I am not allowed to contest the findings.  I hired a lawyer to represent me once it became clear how corrupt this whole phony process was, in the hopes that my lawyer would be able to protect me.

My lawyer did not act in time. So on that day unbeknownst to me that a deadline was looming for filing papers at the courthouse, I decided to take my omplaint to the Director of the PHONY dispute SCAM office.
 The Director of the SCAM dispute mechanism told me that my lawyer should have known this, yet he did nothing to help me. He did not even write me a letter confirming that he had received my complaint, or that there even exists a legitimate complaint process. Nor did he confirm in writing the steps that had been taken since I went to his office to file my complaint, he did nothing. Why have I never received a letter confirming my complaint and the steps taken to investigate such a complaint?  CORRUPTION Rules the day at Alberta Justice That is what I see going on here.  The entire Alberta Justice has been brought into disrepute because of these negligent do-nothing Government employees. In my eyes this is all the evidence necessary to expose these people for their tireless efforts to punish a disabled person for the crime of daring to show up repeatedly for phony hearings that do nothing except violate the renters rights. In Alberta it is clear that you have no rights as a renter, you are simply a victim that is ripe to be violated by abusive Landlords. Welcome to Hellberta is my saying for years now.

Don't MOVE to Alberta, corruption and wealthy landlords rule the day here in this province. You will overpay for a SLUM, and in the end the landlord can do whatever he pleases to you, and he will be protected by the Government of Alberta and their phony Administrative Law practices. Moving to Alberta will only expose you to a super corrupt GANG of landlords, and ultimately you will end up depressed, distressed and financially ruined by these crooked bastards at Alberta Justice.

Moving for work? Just don't move to Hellberta folks, you will live much longer. Rule of Law does not exist in Alberta. The only thing that exists here is the RULE of CORRUPTION.

Peter Vibe and the question of his reputation vs. Brent McGillis

 My thoughts today drift as I was thinking of Cole Arthurs who is no longer with us, as he sadly lost his life in a boating accident on Gregoire Lake. His memorial is today in Anzac.

We will miss Cole greatly, he was a great help to myself and Debb in helping us around the house when we lived at Pete's Vibes house in Delton, and he helped us out enormously as we were forced to move from Pete's house after he lied to us about selling his property at 12103 -88 St in Edmonton.

The avalanche of Peter Vibes incredible WEB of Lies, began when we first talked about moving into Peter's house at,+Edmonton,+AB+T5B+3S5/@53.5753092,-113.4780798,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x53a02311ff3ff96f:0x67f8557f712cff7f!8m2!3d53.575306!4d-113.4758911

Peter Vibe as a chronic liar, his first MASSIVE LIE came on the night we met to sign the lease, that he rushed me into saying I had 20 minutes to show up and sign the deal.
 Peter Vibe waited until AFTER I HAD SIGNED the lease agreement, to tell me and Chris that "Oh yeah, every 4 years or so, the sewer backs up".
 Less than 1 month later the first sewer back-up occurred.
That is why Debb Goodspeed refused to sign the lease agreement, in her words, "I am not signing a lease to move into this fucking DUMP."
Those were her exact words, and unknown to me those words would come to exemplify the Peter Vibe ghetto experience.

Debb never did sign the lease, and we refused to sign the lease agreement at the end of March because of the SEWER back up and all of the other major problems that Peter had ignored for so long. Peter's only response when he would show up is that he would act like a retard when confronted with ANY problem with his house. It was bizarre, I have never seen any man act in this way before or since. I was blinded by what I mistaken as an old friendship. Mike tried to warn me about Pete and that he was a weirdo, and I could not wrap my head around that idea. I was in denial that Peter Vibe would back-stab a disabled person for the sole purpose to feed his unbridled GREED.

Peter Vibe is angry about my blog exposing him for the abusive Slum Landlord that he truly is. He somehow feels that his standing in this community is somehow more valid than mine. Oh contraire my friend.

Does Pete Vibe's new Asian mail order bride know that Peter Vibe was convicted of transporting illegal narcotics across Provincial borders back in the 70's. Peter had to spend Federal time in prison for his crimes of transporting illegal narcotics from Saskatchewan into Alberta. As told to me by Peter, (We were close friends for many years) that he was convicted of transporting LSD, Speed, MDA and who knows what other drugs across the border into Alberta back in the 70's. I don't know what year exactly that was, but this was the story as told to me by Peter Vibe himself. He told me that he had to spend his Federal Prison time in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan (P.A. as Peter called it)

His 2 daughters know for a fact that this story is true, and that is why during their entire childhood, he was never allowed to cross the border into the United States. America does not let druggies cross their border, it has been that way for my entire life.

He had to spend Federal Time in prison because of the huge quantity of drugs that he was illegally transporting in our province to be distributed to eagerly awaiting drug addicts in Alberta. I don't recall the precise details since it has been quite a number (30+) of years since Peter told me about his crimes and why he had to spend Federal time in prison. I guess I thought that his criminal past would never affect me directly, boy I could not have been more wrong about any person in my life.

I on the other hand have never been convicted of ANY kind of drug charges, ever. So there you go, Peter is a convicted drug felon, and I am not. The fact that Peter was a known drug felon pretty much explains where his criminal thinking and actions are coming from. I believed that Peter had changed from his Drug Mule days, but sadly I was mistaken. Contemporary thinking has it that people can change, but in this case some people really never do change. They believe they can "GAME the system" to their own advantage no matter what the circumstances.

I wonder if Mr. Young knows about Peter's past, or if he even really cares.

My belief is that Mr. Young is a racist, and that is where his predisposition of racial bias comes from. I believe now that the Alberta Justice as a whole is racially biased as an organization. They of course would deny this accusation, typical of a racist government department that is still overpopulated with Right Wing Conservative racists. This province has been racist since I was a child, that did not change simply because Rachel Notley became the Premier. I see bogus adjudicator Mr. Young as a racist, simply doing his racist work for a racist organization. It is the Alberta WAY.