Brent McGillis: 08/01/2016 - 09/01/2016

Thursday, August 25, 2016

 I have no choice but respond to the news story in the Globe and Mail regarding opiate prescribing by physicians in Canada and the U.S.
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 I am an opiate addict by default, I have NO CHOICE. I have to take pain medications or I will die, that is an undisputed medical fact. Ask any "legitimate doctor", not a WCB Hacks and Quacks operative that writes his own distorted medical opinions for the sole purpose of denying life saving drugs to patients who honestly do require these medications in order to survive day to day.

 As a Chronic Pain sufferer, as I have written for many years now, Chronic Pain takes NO days off. This is a real medical condition for patients who have suffered terrible injuries. I HAVE to take powerful drugs like Fentanyl in order to simply "cope" with the pain I suffer, if I do not, I would almost certainly be forced to jump off the High Level bridge to escape the terrible pain I suffer.
 I don't want to take painkillers, nobody does. I don't want to be forced to live on painkillers that are full of toxic fillers that accumulate in your vital organs, just because the WCB of Alberta refuses to help me. The idea that injured workers "want to take drugs" is absurd at best.

 I have to rest, Chronic Pain is back with a vengeance......... more to come.....Peace Out.

WCB Pattern of Abuse transcends 2 generations exposing Failed Ideology of the PC Party of Alberta

 The WCB of Alberta proudly wears their failed ideology badge of abuse as a warning to future generations of Canadians, of the damage that is needlessly inflicted upon families and children who continue to become needless victims of their abusive corporate dogma that is called conservatism.
 The abusive ideology at the core of the Conservative dogma
I have to rest, Chronic Pain has come calling again and is rendering me inoperative.......Peace, out.
I never did get to finish this post because of a severe pain event, but I did want to let people know that I am not the first in my family to be abused by the Alberta WCB. My father was injured at work while he was working on a flat roof here in Edmonton when I was a child. I never new my father and only met him briefly on a few occasions when I became a young man. I believe that it was one of my Uncles that had told me he had worked with my father in the flat roofing business years ago. It was no until the last 10 years that I found out that dad had become injured at work, this was told to me by my family.
 When we were kids and we were Ward's of the Government, or foster kids as we were called we were told by the Welfare people that our parents were drunks and that was why we were taken away from them as kids. We had no reason to disbelieve that Welfare people, we were kids we naturally believed them. We were never told that the real reason we were taken was because Dad had been injured at work and could not provide for the family. This was a chilling realization when I discovered that not only am I not the first to be abused in our family, and that I was not the first person in my indigenous family to be rendered homeless by the horrible abusive practices of the Alberta WCB.
 I had always thought that the WCB had only in recent years become misanthropic family wreckers, but I was wrong this has been going on and standard practice for a generation now here in Alberta. That is a sad fact and a sobering reminder of what exactly transpired here in Alberta in my lifetime. It is sad because it should never be the case where a workplace injury results in a family being torn apart to appease an insurance corporation for the benefit of their profit margins.
 It is also a stark reminder of the diametric realities that indigenous families have been subjected to for decades now here in Hellberta.   I mean think about it for a moment, imagine that your family had been ripped apart and thrown to winds to grow up in foster homes because of WCB, and that you had been told your entire childhood by the Alberta Government, that the reason you did not grow up with your parents was because they were drunks. This is the reality that indigenous children have grown up with here in Alberta, so when I see our phony Mayor posing for the cameras with a full native headdress on the immediate thought I had when I see him and our Police Chief talking about reconciliation and how they are doing all these things for indigenous peoples I have to call a spade a spade.
 I am saying that Mayor Iveson is doing what White People have been doing to the Indian peoples of this land for generations now, throwing them out a pile of Trinket and Beads. When I see the Mayor publicizing street names here in Edmonton, as a part of reconciliation, I have to call this BS when I see it, because I see the Mayor doing is what the last Mayor did, "Throwing out Trinkets and Beads" to the local indigenous population for their consumption. I do not want any of Mayor Don Iveson's Trinkets and Beads thank you very much. All I see here is yet another phony champion of the downtrodden, shilling for votes from the young people of this community. That is what I see going on here.
 And when I seen the Chief of Police proudly announcing that not only should the Edmonton Police Service CONTINUE the practice of carding minorities, but he would like the program EXPANDED and legitimized by the governing NDP Party of Alberta. I would be extremely distraught if the Alberta government would be so inclined to actually lend legitimacy to this illegal practice, by producing a Province wide LAW so that this practice could become common practice in EVERY community that is not already doing so.

 This is NOT Reconciliation Mayor Don Iveson, this is discrimination. This is not reconciliation, this is simply more Colonialism being brought down onto groups that are already marginalized, and that Mr. Mayor is called discrimination. So for the City of Edmonton to throw around these token gestures by "Throwing more Trinkets and Beads at the Indians" is an insult to an entire race of people. For the City of Edmonton to continue down this path of further marginalization by supporting a Police Chief that truly believes that hassling Indian people for the crime of walking down the street, it is just plain shameful conduct for a Mayor and a City council of Misanthropes. Our current City Council is in my opinion "The FACE of racism in Edmonton" because they hired the Chief of Police and they continue to support his policies. The Chief of Police is so racist he does not even know that he is a racist, and that is a real problem for this City of Edmonton residents.
 Mayor Don Iveson pretends to go around promoting Reconciliation, yeah, well there is the TRUTH right there Mr. Mayor. Is that how you grew up in your family? Is that what your were subjected to as a child in Edmonton Mr. Mayor? Is that how your family was torn apart Mr Mayor. No, I did not think so. You were brought up in a family with your brothers and sisters, many indigenous people never got that opportunity and all because of Corporate GREED. That is shameful, but if we are ever to reach true reconciliation then it is time we got honest about what has been going on here in this City and this Province for a period that spans a generation. That is sad, and it is a painful when you realize what has been lost here because of systemic racism and discrimination against indigenous peoples families and the families of seriously workers families in Alberta.
 There is your Alberta Advantage right there folks, discriminating and marginalization could only be sold as an Advantage here in this province of Alberta. That is sad and terrible and until the Mayor and the people of this province come to grips with that then nothing is going to change for an entire race of people because the very definition of genocide is when 1 race of people actively work towards wiping out the Culture of another race of people. Check the definition, and you will find that I am correct. If these wounds are ever to be healed then this practice of carding, which is being promoted by this City Council needs to end once and for all.