Brent McGillis: 07/01/2010 - 08/01/2010

Friday, July 23, 2010

Working in Alberta

It is no secret that the WCB Alberta is super corrupt and the Minister responsible Thomas Lukaszuk refuses to do anything about it. As such, one can only conclude that the Conservative Government of Alberta is equally as corrupt. This is the only reasonable conclusion of evidence in my opinion.
"This is Working in Alberta".
So as such, If you are planning to work in the Province of Alberta. For gods sake do not get seriously hurt. The WCB Alberta will seriously punish you for this grievous offense.
You discover that this is without question the worst place in Canada to get seriously injured. Simply a result of the Conservatives continual tinkering with Health Care, ever since Whiskey nose Ralph Klein(a.k.a.drunkard) took it upon himself to destroy Health Care in Alberta.
If you are unfortunate enough to be seriously injured, for gods sake do not let them take you to the Royal Alexandra Hospital. They are obviously linked in some sort of secret agreement with the WCB Alberta. I found out the hard way. I fell, shattering my vertebrae when I landed flat on my back falling from a steel rafter.
They(RAH) would not even do a MRI on my back or neck, resulting in me being released with continual neck problems to this day. Just another side effect of being
Injured at Work in Alberta.

Dr. Leslie DeLima would come into my room and grab my neck squeezing it until I screamed it hurt, then he would tell me there was nothing wrong with my neck.
I was horrified, that this was the RAH's sophisticated testing method for a neck injury.
Then to cap it all off, they turned a hack surgeon named Dr. Jiang loose on me and he inserted metal screws and bars into my back. I have never recovered from this operation or the removal operation done on a day surgery out patient basis.
I would rather kill myself than let them operate on my back, then release me a couple of hours later. Believe me, you need serious injections of morphine after such an event.

If you are Seriously Injured at Work in Alberta and end up in Edmonton, insist you go to the University Hospital and make sure that is where you end up.

If you do decide to come to the Province of Alberta to work, for gods sake make sure you have the best supplemental Insurance policy you can buy. And make sure it is not from ManuLife, I have met dozens of workers who had ManuLife Insurance, and they screwed them the same way WCB Alberta does.
The best policy there is, in Alberta, is to pray like hell you do not get seriously hurt. Because the consequences of dealing with the super corrupt WCB Alberta, and the government cronies who refuse to help are so horrible, you will live to regret it for the rest of your natural life.
The WCB Alberta and their crooked tricks will do absolutely anything to ensure that you NEVER get to properly submit your appeal.
The WCB Alberta is nothing more than Crooks being run by Crooks(Tory Government), period.
This is life working in Alberta.
The Justice Ministry is corrupt right to the top. The Edmonton Police Service(EPS) and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police(RCMP) are corrupt right to the very top. All RCMP and cops across the province are instructed to refuse to investigate Injured workers complaints of fraud committed by the WCB Alberta(What kind of Oath do these goons sign?).
This is a direct contravention of section 15 of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
There is "NO" justice in Alberta, that ministry is a joke. Alberta is the only province in Canada to openly ignore individual rights and freedoms guaranteed to individuals by the Charter.
This what happens when you come to Work in Alberta.
Having investigated this for over 4 years now, I honestly believe that if you were to investigate exactly WHO is lapping up all the benefits that are being paid by the WCB Alberta, it will without question be ALL the government workers, including cops, fire and health workers.

You have absolutely ZERO chance of fighting the WCB and the Province of Alberta if they decide to defraud you.
That is just a fact of Working in Alberta.
Ministers of Parliament(MP) will not help, they tell you it is not their Jurisdiction. Tory MLA's simply don't care, so don't even go there, total waste of time.
This is the price Workers here in Alberta pay for wide open Conservative Corporate DE-regulation. They pay with their lives. It really is no better than the third world.
Alberta is land of Corporate lawlessness, where the cops let corporate crooks roam free. Free from any possible punishment or prosecution.
If you are a corporate crook, Alberta is the place for you and your family!!
This entire province rotates on kickbacks, payoffs and Payola.
Welcome to Texas North. Bush & Cheney came here to tour their conquest, so you know who pulls the strings in this province. The baloney heads elected are nothing more than puppet Despots, propped up and financed by Houston Oil tycoons.
If you get killed the WCB Alberta issues a cheque for $5000, that is all life is worth here. Top to bottom this place really is Hellberta!

Here is a very relevant new LINK and interesting decision by the SPC(Supreme Court of Canada), this is closely related because it means that lesser courts "CAN" rule on Charter issues. And MORE importantly, citizens who have had their human rights abused by government officials of all stripes, are legally entitled to seek compensation for those breaches.

I have been closely watching the Cameron Ward appeal to the Supreme court since I first heard about it last fall. I am always fascinated by the SPC and their decisions, because these decisions are important and relevant to ALL Canadians in all walks of life.
Kudos to the court and Kudos to Mr. Ward. Cameron Ward is like many other passionate Canadians who are standing up for your rights, despite the fact most Canadians see NO reason for others to stand up for All Canadians rights.
There are amongst us, those who are not afraid of ridicule and prosecution by their right wing compatriots(Neo-Conservatives). These citizens of Canada are willing to walk through the door of History being remembered as someone who stood up for the betterment of society and humanity as a whole.

JUST SAY "NO" to Conservatives who want to inspect Uranus! ;?) Have a good weekend.