Brent McGillis: Oct 17, 2010

Sunday, October 17, 2010

All Workers Have the Right to return Home Safely

The three workers killed this past weekend in 3 days are really a direct reflection of the Government of Alberta's Cavalier attitude when it comes to dead workers.
It is no secret that the Ministry of Labour is taking the policy approach

Alberta Tory Government Employment Policy A:There is another 50,000 foreign workers to replace dead Albertans.

Why would I make such a statement? Because the Ministry of Employment is in conflict in my mind, considering the fact the Occupation Health and Safety department is the responsibility of the Minister. Because Minister:Thomas Lukaszuk is also responsible for immigration portfolio. A ministry that zealously pursued a Conservative Party of Alberta program policy of continuing to pour 10's of thousands of temporary foreign workers into the province during the most severe recession the World has ever seen in modern times.
Minister Lukaszuk is also 100% directly responsible for the administration of the Workers Compensation Act of Alberta. He also has a hands off/DO-NOTHING approach to treatment of seriously injured workers who have been heinously abused by the WCB Alberta. But, simply put, he and his government do not care.

Nothing new for a minister who was in conflict for at least a year that I know of.

Are you starting to get MY Picture?

This is a link to the CBC News clip regarding the Ministry's stupid website, which by the way does not list my injury as a lost time accident. How coincidental(sic).

My blog today is to clarify all of the issues surrounding seriously injured and dead workers in a BIG Picture perspective. Hopefully to educate people on the threads that bind these issues together.

The events that unfolded in Chile last week are directly connected to dead and injured workers here in Alberta. How? Because the worldwide media was there to document the drama. It is so wonderful that a community effort of the entire country of Chile, helped ensure those men were brought home safely.

El Presidente de Chile Sebastian Pinera made a commitment to ALL working people of Chile. To ensure all workers make it home safely.

Those events bring to light the fact that ALL working men & women here in Alberta, and Canada for that matter deserve the right to come home safely to their loved ones.
These rights are not exclusive to: Policemen, Firemen, EMT's, Military Personnel and Government workers.
These rights extend to "ALL" working men & women. We all have the undeniable right to be protected from employer abuse in the form of safety violation enforcement.
Obviously the most "basic" worker safety enforcement principles are not being adhered to here in Alberta. The minister is not doing his job.
How is that website working out for you Tom?
The bodies are really starting to pile up.
Overpaid public officials doing "nothing", is a chronic problem Worldwide. This has been brought on by 20 years of conservative policy. "Do more with less", is their slogan to subordinate public workers.
Top government officials getting paid to do-nothing has become epidemic in this government and all Republican/Conservative style governments worldwide.
Steven Harper is still in denial. He just isn't getting my picture. He does not get the message.
Any message for that matter.

The Tory Legislature of Alberta is another do nothing organization. Helping cronies is high on their list.
We are suffering from exactly the same retarded republican Gov policies that tore down America. The current conservative ideology is predicated on the idea that Barack Obama is going to lose the midterm election, and Reps/Cons can simply carry on business as usual.
The Government of Alberta policies are killing workers. Your husband, your wife, your son, your brother all have the right to return home alive, every single day. No surprise from a Gov that puts children in their care in the grave.
Exactly at what point do we say enough is enough?
When? Another 10 dead workers? A hundred dead workers? A thousand dead workers?
When are the voters of this province going to stand up to their inept government, and demand a change? Not only a change in policy, but a change in who is in charge in this province