Brent McGillis: Oct 20, 2009

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

George Bush visits Edmonton

It is funny how seemingly innocuous events are connected. George Bush visits Edmonton to speak to the Oil Elite, and to keep the corporate piracy dream alive. The Americans ran him out of town, and we throw him a party. George Bush fully represents the right wing agenda. The corporate piracy that his gang represents is responsible for the corporate gang rape of North America. George W Bush and his pals are responsible for the Global Melt Down. Right wing corporate greed and the worship of money is why the WCB corporate model is so tightly embraced by our Conservative Government here in Canada. The HMO's of America have highly honed this model until it is a true hybrid of the American Corporate Medical Machine. Fully engaging the corporate medical model of America, is what our Alberta Conservative Government is busy implementing right before our eyes. If you cannot see this, you may be living on Mars. The United States of America is busy trying to shake this model, not here, Tories embrace this model. Our government is starving for health dollars, no need to raise taxes or fees to fund it. Just run the system into the ground. When that is completed, roll out the American model. Touting it as the only available option that will save our health care system that the Conservatives are so intent on killing. All this while 900 Million Dollars is being spent on the new "Edmonton Clinic". Well once they have fully mashed the current system, and that of course will include crushing those pesky health care unions that all Tories hate. Then it will be time for their new and improved pay for services system, and with a new Super Board to ensure that those Goddamn poor people don't abuse the system and actually get proper health care. Then our governments true agenda will have been completed. All hail George Bush! Once again the true right wing agenda rears its ugly head. When you are relying on corporate health care, guess what? You're "Denied". When this is all done, the only people who will be able to access top notch medical care are the people who work for the top corporations. Like, Oil companies who pay for the absolute best health care "Supplemental Insurance" for their employees. That's who is going to be getting care at the new Edmonton Clinic. You can watch from the sidewalk. Financed by public funds and administered by Corporations. It is the Alberta Way! The reason this government has no money is because 3 of their contractor friends have to be paid 80 dollars in order for you to be delivered 30 dollars of anything. More corporation, less government. How's that working out for everyone? This government does not care who they have to torture and starve in order to achieve their goals. It makes my sad to know others will suffer as I have suffered.

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