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Monday, July 21, 2014

WCB Long Term benefits are for Cops, Firemen and Government Employees ONLY

Here is a link to a story about how Cops injured on the job just KEEP ON collecting WCB Benefits, even after they have recovered. (The story link pauses for 6 or 7 seconds on an AD then proceeds to the story).This shows how the WCB caters to Government Employees! If you are a Government Employee you will have NO PROBLEM receiving benefits, because Government Employees (WCB Employees sign the SAME collective agreements that all other AB Gov. Employees sign) help Government Employees!
 This is WHY I write about the Hard working public: Us  vs. Them (SELF-serving Government).
 “ICE workers’ Compensation specialists did not monitor the medical and return-to-work status of claimants, retain documentation associated with cases, return employees to work, or recover salaries for denied claims,” the IG wrote.
 The linked article is about Immigration and Customs agents (Cops) in the United States, but you know for a fact that the same bullshit is going on here in Canada, because Government Workers scratch the backs of Government Workers. Harper poured Billions into Border Security and Police Budgets, for sure the same thing has been going on.
 This has been going on for decades now; I am convinced if the Workers Compensation Board of AB was ever forced to disclose FULL Transparency statistics, it would be revealed who the biggest single organization is that is responsible for the BULK of WCB benefits.
  The Alberta Government freely admits on the news that Alberta Health is the Largest single employer in Alberta, so it would naturally follow that Cops, Firemen and thousands of Government workers make up the Bulk of the Workers Comp costs.
 Based on these facts, the statistics for WCB Alberta Claims would be largely taken up by government employees naturally following the statistics for individual U.S. States where the GOVERNMENT Employees are the "Single Largest" organization responsible for the the MASSIVE MEDICAL costs and lost time benefits paid out by the WCB orgs.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Alberta WCB and Denial of "Due Process" propogating the WCB Culture of Denial

  It has come to my attention recently by other Seriously Injured Workers with legitimate WCB Claims, that these Injured Workers are being denied their Constitutional right to Due Process. These rights are guaranteed under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, Section 7.
  The only verbal interactions I have EVER had with WCB Claims Managers Kim Kroetsch and Colleen Bamford was them DENYING me my right to Due Process when they refuse to answer their telephones. The Workers Compensation Board of Alberta instructs Claimants as their 1st action in resolving disputes that render Seriously Injured Workers HOMELESS; The Claimants are to PHONE their Claims Manager.
  You cannot phone your claims manager because they NEVER pick up the phone. Colleen Bamford even went so far as to record herself on her message machine telling claimants she was assigned to: to NOT bother leaving a message, because in her own words she NEVER answers any of her messages! Like WTH! Where is the Due Process in these deliberate felonious denial Tactics?
  I tried phoning Colleen from friends home phones and Cell phones, Pay Phones, from other government offices and guess what? She NEVER did answer, because this is the Mainstay WCB Alberta Corporate Deception Policy to deny claimants their Constitutional Right to Due Process.

  Colleen Bamford did respond after many months of leaving messages, she phoned me at home to yell at me that I as a Seriously Injured Worker was not allowed to EVER phone the WCB Offices in Alberta EVER again! Where is the WCB Due Process in their #1 WCB AB felonious tactic?
 Nice huh? (Sic) These bastards wonder why Seriously Injured Workers are collapsing under the shear weight of carrying 600 do nothing Government Employees around on their broken backs.
  Who does it benefit when the WCB Alberta inflicts even more illness and injury from the mental stress when WCB deliberately aims at inflicting severe mental injury on the injured worker who is only seeking proper, timely and relevant medical attention for their injuries? The Cops, because now they can justify their jobs? The Harper Prison System because now they have severely distressed and untreated injured workers to fill their prison cells?

 What precisely IS the purpose of these Claims Managers who are paid to do nothing?
 This is the mainstay of the WCB of Alberta in their never ending quest to make sure that each and every single WCB Alberta employee shares in the WCB Alberta Bonus system. The proof that the WCB Alberta Bonus System still exists is that the Alberta WCB Corporate Leader and CEO Guy Kerr recieved his giant Bonus cheque for paving over the graves of dead workers! Workers are STILL dying by the hundreds in Alberta and Guy Kerr is BONUSING with giant cheques for Hundreds of Thousands of dollars for killing workers! How is this in any way shape or form compliant with the original Meridith Principle for Workers Compensation?
 Bonuses for killing workers is macabre to say the very least, but it is completely consistent with the Government of Alberta's policy of setting up their Alberta Health "Super Board"; which is a Death Panel designed to kill injured workers is my opinion.
  The Alberta Government had NO other choice in order to DOWNLOAD the costs of providing AHS Health Care for Harper and Lukaszuk's ARMY of Temporary Foreign Workers onto the backs of ALL Canadians working in Alberta. advertises on their Web Page that they can help TFW's to access "SETTLEMENT ASSISTANCE!"
WTH is going on? Harper secret TFW Housing program? TFW's weld faster than you can? Bizarre! Welcome to the age of the Pan Canadian Filipino built Pipeline.

 This IS what is so different about the Oil Boom of the late seventies and what is going on in Alberta today, is that back in those days the Conservative Government of Canada and the Alberta Provincial Government were not BACKSTABBING Canadians by shipping in hundreds of thousands of TFW's to replace the dead and seriously injured workers in this (AB) the fastest growing province in Canada. The Alberta Conservatives under the direct supervision of Thomas Lukaszuk has NO Choice but to provide FREE Healthcare to TFW's, because the Employer did not want to be saddled with these costs. TFW's now have MORE rights than Canadians!
  The TFW's are now popping out BABIES at exponential rates because the Temporary Foreign Workers KNOW that when their children are born here, they are CANADIAN.

  FREE Alberta Health Care is all about providing CHEAP labor, really cheap labor for our Oil Boom and downloading the Health Care costs spread across the backs of all working people in Alberta, and the easiest way of DOWNLOADING a Massive Health Care TAX Burden onto taxpayers for the massive benefit to the AB Progressive Conservatives's and the Harper Conservative Government.
 Thus the ONLY way to guarantee that the TFW's would receive top level care in front of Injured Canadians was to create the SuperBoard to operate as a high level Death Panel is my opinion. Kill off the Seriously Injured workers by denial of services, and make way for the new army of cheap Chinese workers that are being flown DIRECT into Ft. McMurray to expand operations like CNRL (Chinese Natural Resources).
 I am starting to receive regular calls from other injured workers again, just like back when Patrick Clayton took the hostages at the WCB AB offices in Edmonton, this means that absolutely NOTHING has changed at the WCB of Alberta. This is SNAFU for the WCB of Alberta to continue to deny Due Process to long term seriously injured workers.
Denial of Access to Due Process is the WCB of Alberta MAIN unwritten anchor policy that all of their Claims Managers and Supervisors combine with other abusive techniques to unlawfully kill Claimants legal right to appeal decisions!
 This is the WCB #1 Most Successful illegal "Legal Stunt" and it amounts to a legal abuse of Due Process that all of their abusive techniques revolve around.
  When a government harms a person without following the exact course of the law, this constitutes a due-process violation, which offends against the rule of law.
                   Exerpts from Wareham v. Ontario CanLii Library
Fundamental justice (in section 7 of the Canadian Charter) is therefore interpreted to include more legal protections than due process . It is beyond doubt that the principles of fundamental justice include the right to a fair process. In Suresh v. Canada (Minister of Citizenship and Immigration), 2002 SCC 1 (CanLII), [2002] 1 S.C.R. 3, [2002] S.C.J. No. 3, the court said, at para. 113

The principles of fundamental justice of which s. 7 speaks, though not identical to the duty of fairness elucidated in Baker, are the same principles underlying that duty. As Professor Hogg has said, "The common law rules [of procedural fairness] are in fact basic tenets of the legal system, and they have evolved in response to the same values and objectives as s. 7." In Singh v. Minister of Employment and Immigration, Wilson J. recognized that the principles of fundamental justice demand, at a minimum, compliance with the common law requirements of procedural fairness. Section 7 protects substantive as well as procedural rights: Re B.C. Motor Vehicle Act. Insofar as procedural rights are concerned, the common law doctrine summarized in Baker, properly recognizes the ingredients of fundamental justice.

As a Seriously Injured Worker with a Permanent Disability, the WCB Alberta denies you access to due process (WCB Administraters advertises the BIG LAW LIE about appeal mechanisms) with a succession of bogus letters designed to deflect you away from your right to administrative review of decisions, policy and your overall case.
  The very FIRST denial of Due Process with the WCB of Alberta happens when your Claims Manager (CM) is paid to NOT answer her phone!
  These Claims managers think these tactics are funny, abusing a seriously injured worker is NEVER funny. I guess this is why they form their own little "Bitches Club", to fuel their Schadenfreude glee.
  If you follow WCB AB Policy, you HAVE to complete this step or you CANNOT proceed to the next step in their phony Appeal Process.
 When the WCB Ab Office of the Appeals Adviser told me "Well maybe you are under investigation for fraud", he denied me access to Due Process. I retorted, "I broke my back for gods sake". The guy who is supposed to be your legal Adviser you has just told a claimant who has never contacted them before in his life that he is likely under investigation? Some CRAPPY Adviser huh? (Sic)
 When the WCB Ab denied me access to their buildings, they denied me access to Due Process.
 When the WCB Ab decided that they would deny me access to a proper disability assessment that is free from Legal Intimidation by WCB Millard Health employees, free from their legal coercion, threats and harassment, they denied me access to Due process.
 I was completely unaware that being threatened with termination of benefits resulting in a seriously injured worker becoming homeless IS what the WCB of Alberta considers as my right to Due Process, who knew? (Sic) Sick bastards.
 When the WCB AB denies me access to proper timely and relevant medical care ordered by my physicians they have denied me access to Due process.
 When Colleen Bamford denied my lawyer access to my file, she denied me my Rights guaranteed by our Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms Section:7 The Right to due process.
This Charter provision provides both substantive and procedural rights.[1] It has broad application beyond merely protecting due process in administrative proceedings.
Under the heading of "Legal Rights", the section states:
7. Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of the person and the right not to be deprived thereof except in accordance with the principles of fundamental justice.   Source: Wikipedia
 When Colleen Bamford refused to give my LAWYER my complete file years ago to my Legal Aid Lawyer she denied me my Fundamental Rights (Due Process) guaranteed under the Charter that is written in the Law texts of Canada.
Denial of Due Process is now and has been for many years now Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) at the Workers Compensation Board for non government claimants. For SURE this WCB Alberta Claims Manager Tactic is the # 1 Claims Appeal KILLER!
Do you ever notice that you NEVER hear about Cops or Firemen having these problems with WCB?
That is because the WCB knows that if they screw the Cops over, they Cops will show up an just may use their service resolver for a little frontier justice, thats why.
More to come; The number #1 Symptom of Chronic Pain is Chronic Fatigue. I need to rest.
Thks for your patience.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

This is WHERE Harper and the Alberta Model for Canada's NEW Industrial Heartland is taking us

This is a link to a story about the horrors of Abusive Employers in Texas and their denial of Workers Compensation to Injured Workers in Texas. This news story is also about stripping away what their Republican Lawmakers in Texas like to call excessive "Regulation" by the State Government. The reason that this is such an important story is because Alberta is the closest Province in Canada to the Texas Model.
Alberta Health has been pursuing an Agenda that hires the same American Hospital Corporations that Texas uses to run our Hospitals in Alberta. The Alberta government relies on an American Spinal Treatment CHAIN medical boutique to ensure that the majority of Seriously Injured Workers that really need surgeries are sent to their Hacko Quacko CBI rehab, or simply completely denied care altogether. Healthpointe in the U.S. was convicted of a countrywide fraud by the U.S. Department of Justice, and paid their fine of $1 Billion USD in cash immediately. All we ever hear about on the news is how the Harper government is "helping Canadians" by stripping away "Excessive Regulations" that encumber business his government says. The end product of these kinds of "Backward policies" to workers is that the Seriously Injured Workers end up on the AISH programs across Canada if they are lucky enough to be accepted, and then their entire Medical Bills become a burden on the Taxpayers. Those who are not so lucky end up homeless and committing suicide to escape the horror their lives have become. Canada used to be a much more advance culture than America, but the Harper government agenda is taking us straight down the very same path as Texas and is regressing this province backwards in time to the 1950's.