Brent McGillis: Nov 16, 2015

Monday, November 16, 2015

What is Chronic Pain?

 Chronic Pain is a very common side effect for patients who have suffered a severe physical trauma to their body. In my case, the level of pain I suffer could have been easily avoided, if the WCB of Alberta working in conjunction with Alberta Health Services had NOT conspired to construct such a corrupt and discriminatory Health Care System.
 The PC Government was a government of elitists that built and operated a discriminatory Health Care system that they honestly believed served the BEST Citizens of Alberta, that being the wealthiest business elite of Calgary and top level government officials, RCMP, Cops and Firemen.
This was by design and this program was initiated by good ol' Drunk Ralph back when he started blowing up hospitals. It actually began when the Charles Camsell Hospital was given to the province by the Federal Liberals, and then within 9 months Drunk Ralph closed the hospital and it remains a dark, empty and a stark hulking gutted reminder of the Drunk Ralph era.
 The Self-entitled actually believed in their program of abuse and discriminatory practices, after all the self-righteous religious Conservatives believed themselves to be superior, so to them this makes complete sense to them.

Chronic Pain is such a debilitating affliction is so many different ways, I will try to quantify the impact not just in medical terms but in the social impact this condition has on your life as a sufferer of this disease. It is classified as a disease, which makes little sense to me because the level I suffer is so completely unnecessary. It would be more accurate to classify my level of pain as Government Elitist inflicted Chronic Pain, because I am Shut-OUT with the implementation of plantation discrimination that deprives me of critically necessary scans, treatments and access to specialists that could reduce or eliminate my Pain.
 Discrimination is so subtle in Alberta, it comes in the form of closed doors when it comes to access to Health Care specialists. I am forbidden under the combined WCB/AHS system of corruption from EVER seeing a Spinal Orthopaedic Specialist, FOREVER in Alberta!
 For me as a disabled person, this is just so heartbreaking, but this is the reality of living in Hellberta and getting injured at work.
 If you dare to speak out against the AHS Systemic Corruption that is subservieant to the largest American Spinal Treatment MONOPOLY (Healthpointe/CBI) in Edmonton, you will be discriminated against at the Highest levels of the AHS System, all of these forms of abuse designed into the
Alberta Health Services system were designed and implemented at the highest levels by
WCB Alberta crony doctors and the Hacks and Quacks Network that was initiated and designed by some of the oldest crony names in medicine within the College of Physicians.
 If you speak out against the Government Crony Doctors, you will be discriminated against and ALL DOORS will be slammed in your face when you seek treatment by Specialists. It is how the AHS/WCB system of corruption rolls baby. They are intertwined intimately and linked by cronies of the Old Self-entitled PC Guard.
 As winter rolls across the Alberta Prairie, the first winter storm and snow of the year brings with it a terrible bout of debilitating Pain. This year I was bed ridden for 2 days when that storm rolled in. I am now terrified of the cold, and have been since the day I was released from hospital. When I was first injured and had the metal screws and steel bars in my Spine, I would shake uncontrollably from the cold during winter months. I spent many nights where I would be out with friends and I would become overcome with Pain, so bad I had to go home or subject my friends to watching my cry. I would choose to go home and suffer in solitude and the terrible sobs that pierced the silence, I cried myself to sleep many nights those first couple of years. That is why I would beg the surgeon Dr. Jiang to remove my hardware but my complaints went unheeded.
 Since I had been cut-off of WCB benefits after just 6 months for the crime of not performing a miraculous recovery from my injuries, the WCB of Alberta had also Cut-OFF ALL my medications and refused to pay for my pain medications! It was a horrific time for those fist couple of years, I was in terrible distress on many occasions because I had run out of pain medications with no way to pay for them. I remember having to ask my friends and family to BORROW money to pay for my medications for the first couple of years because I had no money.
 Chronic Pain robs you of the ability to perform the most mundane daily tasks, it does not matter what you are doing or have to get done on that particular day, chronic pain will stop you in your tracks. For me it comes in a variety of different forms, the worst and the most debilitating Pain is the Stabbing Pain in my back.
It feels like somebody is taking a large knife and driving it straight into my broken vertebrae that is collapsing, increasing the loss of height each time I have a MRI done on my back.
 So to me it makes total sense WHY the Hacks and Quacks Network is so committed to seeing that I am discriminated against with DEADLY force, denying me ALL ACCESS to MRI imaging that would be capable of pinpointing the precise origin of the pain I suffer.
 The large knife I feel stabbing me in my back is hot, it feels like somebody is driving a Hot Knife into my injury area, when that happens it is extremely difficult to cope at that moment, and extremely difficult to function for the rest of that day. It disrupts and destroys your daily life. It is so damned difficult to walk, shop, drive go shopping for daily needs or get things done around the house. Since I cannot work, I try to function in the house and do basic household duties, but on days of these severe pain events I cannot carry out even the most mundane task. Tasks that normal people take for granted; like making a sandwich, cooking, cleaning the dishes or even loading the dishwasher simply are tasks that I am unable to do when I am in the midst of a severe Chronic Pain event.
 Normal physically able persons are so damned lucky, they have no idea how good they have it. People who are able to walk pain free on every single day of their lives are so damned lucky, I look at them with envy, and it makes me ponder whether or not they are aware of just how lucky they are to be able to walk free of pain. On the worst days, EVERY single step I take walking delivers a punishing and debilitating stroke of pain directly up my left leg where I am afflicted with Sciatica. Every step I take causes pain, this is the horrific reality of my life that I currently experience. On the worst days my Sciatica causes me to limp. Sometimes I am unable to hide my pain and I have to use a cane, or simply go home and forget about what I was doing. This is just on facet of my pain experience, but it is difficult to live when you cannot walk free of pain.
Have you ever tried to do just about anything in your life WITHOUT bending forward? Try it sometime, it is almost impossible to carry on day to day tasks of any kind without bending over. When I bend forward I am immediately struck with pain, that increases with intensity the longer I continue to attempt to bend over and complete whatever task that I am doing at the time. I have NO HOPE of escaping their sentence to HELL, since I have been banned by the Hacks and Quacks network from EVER receiving treatment, scans, or a diagnosis for my severe Chronic Back Pain, I have been given a LIFE sentence to HELL.
 This maltreatment by the Hacks and Quacks Network within the U of A Hospital obviously does not make Section 15 of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms required reading for the ER Doctors working in their hospital. Source: Wikipedia

Under the heading of "Equality Rights" this section states:

I find it extremely disturbing that Dr. Naismith is given the powers to actually go to Health Care conventions and give lectures, spreading the infectous disease of RW Conservative Self Entitlement to other Health Care workers. Yet another UofC Graduate? (Sic) Just sayin'.
The Self-entitled PC Government of Hacks and Quacks lives on, their corruption so deeply embedded so as to ensure that the business community in Hellberta NEVER has to experience the true cost of Seriously Injured Workers.
 I have to rest, more to come, thks for patience.

Chronic Pain and a Life DENIED because of abusive and racist WCB Alberta

 What is Chronic Pain? In my case it is a horrible level of suffering that is not necessary because of the deliberate policy of the Alberta Health Services working in conjunction with WCB Alberta to dicriminate against me. AHS/WCB AB have with willfully and cognizant dicrimination acted to guarantee that the level of pain I suffer is so horrific that it these two government agencies are trying to end my life with their ABUSE techniques.
 These are the old vestiges of the Alberta Progressive Conservative Self Entitle Government workers. The Self-entitled elite of Alberta are still up to their old games of inflicting harm on regular working folk in Alberta. The Self-entitled Elite are still alive and they are still as mortally dangerous as they ever were. The Self-entitled PC's core group took over 40 years to construct their Private CLUB of Elitists making sure that only their cronies and pals would get ACCESS to proper, timely and relevant medical treatment.
 Core to the efforts of the PC Private Medical CLUB, was to create a list of the BEST medical professionals in Health Care in Alberta. Next was to create an method of ensuring that their cronies would be able to quickly and efficiently ACCESS the BEST Medical doctors and specialists in their field of expertise. Electronic Medical Records was like a gift from heaven to the PC Elite, because this meant that it would be so easy for the Elite to quickly ACCESS this list because it was only ever forwarded to them in Calgary. The rest of the doctors north of the City of Calgary would simply just have to rely on luck and their own connections to be able to find the best specialists in the field to refer their patient to in the event of serious complications.
 Hundreds of Millions of taxpayer dollars have been constantly poured into the fabled "Electronic Records System in AHS" over the last 20 years. The AHS site of the PC Govt. was absolute CRAP, on of the worst websites ever constructed! The amount of public Tax dollars poured into this bogus system is horrendous, it is a bottomless pit swallowing public money. I do not believe that the PC Govt. ever intended it to be finished, just to make their crony companies RICH beyond their wildest expectations while in actual practice the only real tangible product that they produced was a "System" of targeted abuse. All those tax dollars created a system that is easily tweaked so that all of the BEST doctors and specialists are centralized in Calgary, and more importantly to ensure that the business community in Calgary has rapid access at the clik of a button to the BEST Specialists within the AHS system. Only the doctors who are "In the Loop" have the links to these specialists and surgeons.
 Do you think that the CEO of one of the largest Oil Corporations on Earth wants to WAIT years for a referral to a specialist or the best doctor in the field? No, these are the Elite of our business community in Alberta and I believe that the AHS System was set-up by the PC's to ensure that all of the best medical talent was centralized in Calgary for the reasons I just stated.
This was the very nature of the Self Entitled PC's, they are part of a Special Club, and we are NOT!
 The centralization and abusive nature of Alberta Health Services has been wielded with deft accuracy to inflict as much harm as is possible by a multi-billion dollar Health Care provider, acting on specific instructions from their WCB Hacks and Quacks Network. I also believe that the biggest offenders within the AHS System are top level Hacks and Quacks that make up the board of the Alberta College of Physicians. The College has always advocated for Privatization, and some of their board members are KEY doctors, surgeons and top level medical assessors that sit on ALL of the Insurance, WCB and Alberta Health Medical Appeals panels with Alberta. The Alberta Hacks and Quacks Network took over 40 years to construct, some of these old crony doctors have been dominating these corrupt panels for 25 years and more. This old corrupt system of medical abuse needs to be deconstructed, because their practices are super corrupt and until these Elitists are removed from our Health Care system, it will never be a FAIR medical system that treats all patients equally and with the respect they are due as Seriously Injured Workers who are NOT government workers.