Brent McGillis: Dec 19, 2015

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Wildrose says NDP not doing enough to combat Alberta's Fentanyl Crisis

  I read the 10 recommendations that the Wildrose has proposed to the Notley government and I can say with 100% certainty that the measures that Brian Jean is proposing will do nothing to help end this crisis. Brian Jean has no clear understanding of this drug, or the real issues that pain sufferers face. This is NOT a criminal Drug Abuser created crisis. Brian Jean and the Harper government are the primary reason that a NON-lethal drug like Oxycontin was turned into a Harper government Youth KILLING disaster.
 Brian Jean still takes his Media Releases from the Boys in Short Pants, by Staying on Harper's Message, no matter how many KIDS are killed. In predictable fashion the Police (Harperites) have crafted a POLICE response to Addiction issues. This is what cops do, and this is the proof that the Harper government was top heavy in Cops.

 Harper policies fell severely short of the needs of Canadians by failing to be based on any kind of factual evidence, science or investigation. The Boys in Short Pants simply made it up as they went. It was all concocted data, completely FANTASIZED data for Press release to the public. ALL of the Harper govt. lies about marijuana is a perfect example of Conservative Falsified Data to be used as a propaganda tool.
 Harper government policy was to tell the News Media every day that their Govt. policies were fact based, this was an extreme LIE. A conservative LIE of convenience, because ALL of the Reform Party policies were based on IDEOLOGY, much of it Alliance Christian Church Ideology.
This led to Christian Fundamentalist solutions to Islamic Fundamentalist extremists. Crackpots fighting Crackpots with expert crackpot advice. This was the propaganda that we faced during Harper's coveted Majority Government.
 Canada has never before had a PM that was responsible for the deaths of so many Canadians during his time in office. This is what happens when Ideologists are elected to our highest offices of Govt. I know because I was almost one of his governments victims, after they sent their Crackpot team of CPP Character Assassins to attack my reputation during a pension hearing.
  It was supposed to be a CPP hearing that quickly turned ugly as they assaulted my reputation with medical LIES.
  This was the Harper calling card, attack with inuendos based on ideology in a bogus meeting that had was unbeknownst to me was NOT Keeping any minutes. So there is NO record of the meeting, as such it never happened in the eyes of the government.

 That is right folks, this is a 100% Harper government triggered disaster, yet another avoidable disaster to the list of failed Harper ideologies.
This is a crisis that was born straight out of the Harper governments use of ideology over clear cut Medical evidence and expert advice from the Medical community surrounding addictions. This current Fentanyl crisis is the SUM result of the Harper Government listening to the Police Forces and to the ex-Cops within the Harper Government like Shelly Glover. Brian Jean is a byproduct of the Harper regime in Ottawa. Brian, Canadians sent a clear and resounding "Get Lost" message to Harper on October 19.
  This is in part a workplace issue because doctors are prescribing Fentanyl to injured workers, and this is a very dangerous drug. I take Fentanyl to help me cope with my Chronic Pain, it is a dangerous drug because the manufacturing QC is low. Fentanyl is 10x easier to purify and abuse than Oxycontin ever was.

The Fentanyl abuse explosion of deaths of our kids is a 100% Harper govenrment CREATED crisis. This Drug Crisis did NOT NEED to happen. The Cops and the Neo-Conservative Government of Right Wing Christian Fundamentalist fanatics who love to play GOD made this happen. This is why teenagers and young people are dying across Canada from this drug. Before Fentanyl became available, there was the widespread abuse of Oxycontin drugs in all forms. The RW Christian Fundamentalist Harper and the boys in short triggered this current crisis because the Cops have told them that drug abusers were sniffing, crushing and injecting Oxy's is what led to this massive change in pain killer prescriptions that are issued by doctors in Canada.
  The Harper government response was to ABOLISH THE SALE and distribution of Oxycontins in Canada.

   Most of the stories circulating about crushing Oxy's were untrue. The truth of the matter is that serious Hard Core Drug Abusers were using OxyContin in large quantities to ease them out of bad drug binges on drugs like Heroin, Scripted Heroin, mainlining coke etc. Drug addicts now have to rely on Fentanyl, which is a drug that is very dangerous when mixed with some of the other drugs listed and is ESPECIALLY dangerous when mixed with Alcohol. Fentanyl + Booze = Death because you will pass out and never wake up.
  So now the streets are FLOODED with Fentanyl because of the Harper/Jean government.
The Booze+Fentanyl combo can result in your heart suddenly stopping as you go into Cardiac Arrest. This drug has now SATURATED Canada because doctors now have NO other choice but to prescribe this drug for pain. This crisis is the DIRECT and deadly consequence of the Harper govt. policies. Then Fentanly finds its way to the street just as the Oxy's used to. Except now, the kids are dying on the Fentanyl because it is so damned deadly. Good going Cops and Harper now you are killing the kids and not just addicting them. (Sic)
 What a horrible legacy of the Harper Government for Canadian families whose children are dying on Fentanyl!
  This is the end product of severely skewed policies born out of ideology with zero understanding of the addiction issues that have triggered this crisis. This is what happens when ex-Cops of the Harper regime in conjunction with Police agencies across Canada craft Health Care Policy.
  Cops and conservatives have meddled in a serious Health Care issue that they obviously have no expertise in.

DRUG ADDICTION is a Healthcare issue, NOT a Policing Issue as per the United Nations.

  Brian Jean was part of the Harper government so as such he has zero credibility regarding these policies. Brian Jean was part of the Federal Government that REFUSED to engage the provinces in a meaningful debate on the future of Healthcare. The Harper Government refused to take a leading role in convening yearly talks on Healthcare and provide leadership in crafting a National Healthcare PLAN. As such the voters reacted at the polls on his Refusal to Lead as the leader of the nation.
  Brian Jean is using Hyperbole to whip up panic, I view this as the WildRose Modus operandi. The Harper methodology is identical to the WildRose hyperbole method. Obviously we failed to PURGE all the crackpots in the last election. This crisis was CAUSED by the Harper government and their abolition of the Oxycontin drugs.

 This is the result of Harper Conservatism gone BAD. The horrific result is that KIDS are DYING on Fentanyl as a direct result of the ineptness of the Harper government, before they were just addicted to Oxy’s. I have never heard of any person in Alberta who died from Oxycontin overdose. Good job Brian Jean you and Harper can wear this crisis as a badge honor that showcases  your total lack of education in Health Care matters. This is just like the Donald Trump brand of Hyperbole for political gain.