Brent McGillis: Oct 12, 2011

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

WCB Alberta routinely uses their own "KOOK" doctors to defraud claimants of their WCB Pensions

This is a warning to all WCB AB Claimants. The Workers Compensation Board of Alberta routinely lies to claimants about doctors that they claim are approved IME's. Then they "Set you up" to meet one of their idiot rent-a-docs.
These are doctors who drag down Monstrous pay checks to write bogus reports on your medical condition.
This is just one more fraudulent tool the WCB Alberta has in it's enormous bag of deceitful tricks designed to lure you into a sense of "proper procedure". When in fact these felonious WCB AB tactics are such a daily routine they laugh about it.
The WCB of Alberta particularly loves to bask in the warmth of their fraudulent practices with this trick, because it is designed to break the spirit of the most battle hardened seriously injured WCB Alberta claimant.

Premier Alison Redford is a really big fan of looking the other way when evidence of WCB Appeals corruption was dropped on her desk in the case of Penny Caron. So give up any ideas of the government of Alberta helping you. Or Ottawa for that matter, remember all conservative politicians are crooks, it really is that simple. The only doctors who are approved to do IME's in Alberta are here in this link
But as we all know, the WCB Alberta[Guy Kerr] believes that all Albertans are stupid. The WCB Alberta treats all of their claimants as if they were retards. So as such, the WCB Alberta does not believe that you have enough brain cells to call them out on their endless string of fraudulent practices ,designed to stress the seriously injured worker past the breaking point.
Shitty performance in any organization "ALWAYS" starts at the top. The only way this organization could be so fucked up is, because the sociopathic psycho in charge of this giant "FRAUD SCHEME" is a closet sociopath, amongst other things. I mean what kind of psychotic weirdo would go around knowingly defrauding seriously injured workers of medications, medical treatment and the right to a decent living after suffering a career ending injury?
Really! This is a valid question that needs answering. This person would have to be a sociopath who suffers from psychotic killer fantasies, most likely the descendant of the loonie Seig Heil's of WWII fame. Like, honestly, what kind fucked up individual is this person? It is my expert opinion that a psychological evaluation should be conducted on the person in charge of this operation. His boss, who is also a square head as well, is obviously in doubt as well, when it comes to the stability of his mental state. The Nazi's never really disappeared, they just immigrated to North America and had children, and they now run some of the most critical institutions in North America now. We like to call them government and large corporations. This is nothing new really, considering that in World WarII corporations like the "COORS"[In Canada: Now owns Molson Breweries]corporation, FORD Motor Co. were openly supportive of the NAZI's in WWII. Fascists wanting to rule the world is nothing new. The German Industrialists have been working at this for a Century now. The difference today is that ALL Fascists want things to remain exactly as they are right now. Since Stephen Harper has taken over, the fascist Right Wing Christian Fundamentalists have no fear, and can openly intimidate any opponents who want change. The Right Wing Christian Fundamentalist Fascist ideology is much more subtle today. The Right Wing Christian Fundamentalist Government is now a group of professionals who are experts at fixing an election. I am sure that some of these special skills were learned by hanging around with their {PC Association of Alberta} old pal, Hung Pham.
Hung Pham was world famous for his election ballot box scam, and for "never" being present in the chamber at the Alberta legislature. Hung Pham later resurfaces in Hanoi, Vietnam. Hung Pham is on the board of directors for the "CANADIAN INTERNATIONAL HOSPITAL, HANOI", with his old scammer buddies the Aftergoods. And he has high powered friends like Dr. Lyle Oberg who will go to bat for his old Conservative Crony buddies. You should check out where all of our specialists from Alberta are going to be working when you cannot get a referral to one of them for years!! Get your Canadian International Hospital, Hanoi membership here!
Now, none of this would work unless you had a corrupt Justice Minister in your pocket, now would it? Dunt-tah-ta-dah! Poof! It is like magic, now lets make her Premier.
And now folks, you know the "Rest of the Story".
It wouldn't be so bad, but Premier Ed Stelmach appointed Hung Pham to the Alberta Treasury less than 2 years later!!! Like HELLO, if this does not ring alarm bells then I don't know what would. But hey, no worried mate, here in Alberta the entire Justice System is rigged. So there is no Justice. The Social Contract no longer exists, so as far as I can see this is wide open anarchy and you can do as you damned well please because none of the crooked cops, the crooked Justice Department members, or any of the crooked Conservative Politicians are going to do anything to help you. This is the reality in the dying days of 2011. Alberta and Canada are wide open pits of crooked government officials from top to bottom. Nobody in the government has even a tiny bit of accountability in their blood. The Justice Department in Alberta and soon to be in Ottawa are nothing more than giant "RUBBER STAMPS FOR CORPORATE CRIMINALS"!
So forget any ideas of taking these concerns to any elected Conservative official here in Alberta, they are all dirty.

Dr. Leslie DeLima is a WCB Medical Consultant @ The Royal Alexandra Hospital

Dr. Leslie DeLima is a Rent-a-doc for the Workers Compensation Board in the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Edmonton.

I don't care if you have to get off of your stretcher, and walk to the University Hospital, do it.

Do not get Spinal Surgery at the Royal Alexandra Hospital Orthopedic Surgery unit.
You have been warned!!
If you end up totally F/U for life, it is your own damned fault.

I am not playing nice with these assholes anymore, I am naming names of any crooked associates of the Alberta Government sponsored fraud organization known as the Workers Compensation Board. These sons-of-bitches{WCB Alberta} play mean, well you know what?
This is a two way street you are playing on.
You want to see mean, I can show you mean.
All of this is going on while all the super corrupt cops look on. The province of Alberta is saturated with crooked cops, right to the very top.
How do you think those cops up at Mayerthorpe ended up all dead?
Because the crooked cops are too busy partying with their corporate pals, that is how.
Crooked cops make me want to BARF!
What kind of sicko Right Wing Christian Fundamentalist Fascist Society are we living in?
Honestly, this is a valid question. Where crooked cops in every Police Department is acceptable?
Fuck, this is no better than Egypt, or Libya. Goddamn criminals are running this province!

Dr. Jiang & the Royal Alexandra Hospital take kickbacks from the WCB Alberta to "NOT" treat serious back injuries!

I have come to the conclusion that there is no other explanation that the Orthopedic Clinic, in association with Dr. Jiang and an unknown number of other orthopedic surgeons @ the Royal Alexandra Hospital are taking kickbacks from the Workers Compensation Board. The kickbacks to spinal surgeons are to guarantee that Trauma patients who have had complications to their back surgeries will "NEVER", ever receive any additional treatment for their severe back pain and complications.
It is actually worse than that though, considering that 5 months ago I was admitted to the Royal Alexandra Hospital with severe back pain, and Dr. Jiang and the Orthopedic clinic @ the Royal Alexandra Hospital will not even refer me to another Spinal Surgeon in Calgary or any other major medical center in Canada or the United States.
What possible other explanation could there be? I cannot even get an appointment with a Spinal Surgeon here in Alberta, thanks Alberta Health Services[sic].
DO NOT ALLOW them to take you to the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Edmonton, this is the Workers Compensation Boards preferred Hospital for seriously injured workers from Northern Alberta and the Northwest Territories.
Why? Because of kickbacks and pay-offs is the only conclusion I can come to.
I can see no other explanation for the behavior of the Orthopedic Clinic at the Royal Alexandra Hospital.
It is my observation and conclusion that the Royal Alexandra Orthopedic Clinic is obviously paid to look the other way, when it comes to patients who complain about complications suffered because they had their back surgery done at the Royal Alexandra Hospital.
I find it positively offensive that Dr. Jiang in collusion with the Orthopedic Clinic will stop and no expense to block my referral to a truly reputable and decent Orthopedic Surgeon or Clinic. This is the horrible reality of being seriously injured in the province of Alberta.
Because useless public servants like the people who run the Health Quality Council are all in collusion to guarantee that I will never get any further treatment and will die a horrible death as a direct result of living with untreated Chronic Pain for over 5 years.
Sad and pathetic, is all I can say about what has happened to Health Care in Alberta.
This is what the Right Wing Christian Fundamentalist's have created to medically treat, guess who? Them.