Brent McGillis: Jul 21, 2014

Monday, July 21, 2014

WCB Long Term benefits are for Cops, Firemen and Government Employees ONLY

Here is a link to a story about how Cops injured on the job just KEEP ON collecting WCB Benefits, even after they have recovered. (The story link pauses for 6 or 7 seconds on an AD then proceeds to the story).This shows how the WCB caters to Government Employees! If you are a Government Employee you will have NO PROBLEM receiving benefits, because Government Employees (WCB Employees sign the SAME collective agreements that all other AB Gov. Employees sign) help Government Employees!
 This is WHY I write about the Hard working public: Us  vs. Them (SELF-serving Government).
 “ICE workers’ Compensation specialists did not monitor the medical and return-to-work status of claimants, retain documentation associated with cases, return employees to work, or recover salaries for denied claims,” the IG wrote.
 The linked article is about Immigration and Customs agents (Cops) in the United States, but you know for a fact that the same bullshit is going on here in Canada, because Government Workers scratch the backs of Government Workers. Harper poured Billions into Border Security and Police Budgets, for sure the same thing has been going on.
 This has been going on for decades now; I am convinced if the Workers Compensation Board of AB was ever forced to disclose FULL Transparency statistics, it would be revealed who the biggest single organization is that is responsible for the BULK of WCB benefits.
  The Alberta Government freely admits on the news that Alberta Health is the Largest single employer in Alberta, so it would naturally follow that Cops, Firemen and thousands of Government workers make up the Bulk of the Workers Comp costs.
 Based on these facts, the statistics for WCB Alberta Claims would be largely taken up by government employees naturally following the statistics for individual U.S. States where the GOVERNMENT Employees are the "Single Largest" organization responsible for the the MASSIVE MEDICAL costs and lost time benefits paid out by the WCB orgs.