Brent McGillis: Sep 14, 2017

Thursday, September 14, 2017

CBI, Remed, and J Dunn memories of the continuing Trauma they have inflicted on me as WCB Alberta Corporate CRONIES

 I have been extremely cooperative and open with the WCB of Alberta as they have been luring me back into their web of deception that is neatly packaged into the WCB Millard phony rehabilitation facility.
 Not one single thing has changed at the WCB Millard, where they routinely produce FALSE reports, and in my opinion have aggressively pursued the practice of Falsifying documents, forging false medical documents and generally luring the victims who are lured into their web of falsely concocted injury narrative.
 Yesterday my physiotherapist spent the majority of the time we spent together scurrilously and with great enthusiasm aggressively telling me that I am an idiot. She did not use those words, but that is how I felt being told that my pain is a product of my brain and that if I read a list of recommended reading that this will relieve my pain.

 It is entirely possible that was not her intention, but the feelings that I immediately felt were the same feelings of fear I felt back in the day when Jay Dunn from Remed was preaching to me. I will never forget feeling like I was viewed by the Remed staff as a fool and an under-educated moron who is incapable of processing medical evidence and data on my OWN injury. Remed, just like the staff at the old CBI-Westmount continually pounded the idea into my brain that "You simply do not understand your injury."
 At the time I was deeply hurt and insulted by these statements the physiotherapist staff at Remed constantly pounded into my brain. How was I to know that I was suffering from an injury that was far more serious than the CBI and Remed people had been telling me for over a year?

 Just to fill in the blanks for my WCB Millard tormentors, I have suffered a serious career ending back injury. There is absolutely NO method the WCB of Alberta can legitimately put forward that can now dispel the obvious truth about the nature of my serious injury, that I suffered as a direct result of falling off of a steel rafter on the Kenworth site in south Edmonton on March 01, 2006.
 The medical evidence is now so overwhelming, as it is now backed up by 2 recent MRI's, and the IME report of Dr. Reid who is an Alberta certified Orthopedic doctor. I will look it up in my copy of the American Medical Associations Guide to Permanent Impairment later today, to see if his assessment percentage is accurate, now that I am post Kamloops MRI. My L1 burst fracture has now progressively accumulated a loss of height that is now currently reached 50 %. This loss of vertebral height is a continually progressive loss as per the multiple MRI's I pressed my family doctor for over the last 11 years.
 This continual loss of height can only signal one thing, that the surgery to stabilize my L1 burst is not stabile and never was, thus confirming my assertion that the surgery performed on me can only be considered to be a "failed surgery by Dr. Jiang". Just as I have always maintained.
 Believe me, I take no pleasure in being correct on this subject.
 For the me when I am presented with a physiotherapist aggressively "Selling me" the opinions of some fictitious doctor, my warning bells go full on Def-con 5. For myself as a seriously injured worker who has been screwed over by the WCB, at that very moment I cannot even hear what she is saying because I believe this is yet another set-up narrative the WCB needs to implant in my brain.
 The trauma I have suffered at the hands of an abusive and racist Claims Manager Wendy Hockney continues to haunt me, because in my Post traumatic mind I only see yet another "WCB blindside" coming at me.
 To me, what I see this IS the WCB Mind Control in action, as the WCB seeks to implant their false narrative into your brain so they can continue to defraud claimants and deny them any further access to proper, timely and relevant medical treatments.

 The end product of the WCB of Alberta promoting this kind of bogus "non-treatment", and selling clients on the idea that it is better to leave the client in a deformed state of suffering so the claimant can suffer an early death is precisely what the WCB master plan is designed to achieve. This appears to me to be a herd of disoriented and malfunctioning ROBOTS; who need to vigorously pursue their final massive BONUSES before January 01, 2018. There continues to me to exist a collective greed that drives them to continue to hammer me with their Corporate MIND CONTROL scripts handed to them by their corporate masters from the CBI Group of companies.
 My physiotherapist simply could not overcome the urge to sell me on the CBI mutated narrative that the Chronic Pain that I have suffered with for 11 and 1/2 years, is all in my mind. This causes me to interpret the narrative that Vanessa is trying to sell me, is because she could be this months "TOP BONUS achiever" at Millard.
 The clinician tells me that this is not her intention, but it is my assertion that she is not even aware that she is a victim of the successful programming of her mind by the WCB, and signals that the WCB organizations' "Mind Control" is not solely focused on the claimants, but in order for this WCB propaganda campaign to be successful the hypnotic effects of continual reassertion of the this same narrative over time can only be successful if; it encompasses the rehab staff as well.
 Once the rehabilitation clinicians are completely reprogrammed and 100% compliant, with all team members fully believing in their minds that the techniques they are employing on their clients are proven and successful, the WCB circle of Mind Control is complete.
 The WCB clinical staff cannot even see that they themselves have been successfully reprogrammed in THEIR thinking, because they have been completely immersed in this toxic culture for so long they cannot see the forest they are standing in for the trees that surround them. Sad really, for an outside observer to see what is going on here.
 Once again, just as was the case back in 2006 when I attended the Millard, after attending the WCB Millard for 4 days they have NOT spent even so much as 1 single minute working on my rehabilitation. They occupy their time by carefully insulating themselves by pushing document after document in front of you demanding these be signed all the time being careful to reassure you as a patient, that this is only standard operating procedure and these documents will never be used to harm you or your recovery.
 It is a well known fact that the WCB of Alberta under the direction of their El Cheapo director Guy Kerr, that the WCB of Alberta has ballooned into the largest Byzantine Government Corporation EVER created within Canada.
 In keeping with the Guy Kerr love of creating massively complex Government institutions that feed on their own bloated sense of entitlement, the WCB Millard is really the SHINING STAR of Guy Kerr's achievements. God he must be so proud of this Byzantine administrative MONSTER he has created, it feeds the massive ego.
 It is now clear that this behometh of Government WASTE gone bad was solely constructed in order to feed the old Progressive Conservative Governments need to give their friends and cronies really good paying jobs with great benefits. The only way to drive such an out of control Byzantine Government organization, is to make the entire process so complex, and TOP heavy with redundant useless do nothing government administrators brought in via nepotism to feed the Byzantine Empire of Government waste.
 The entire premise and genesis of the WCB system was to ELIMINATE massive redundant administative processes and legal procedures for the express purpose of SAVING the employers MONEY in their pockets. The WCB of Alberta under the direction of Guy Kerr has pursued his program of cloaking the massive Billions in adminstrative waste that has been sewered away in this massive Byzantine machine. To adjust Byzantine Empire losses in a positive light this organization had to create a Top Level SALES TEAM of rehabilitation specialists, these sales people are critical to selling clients on the idea that NO TREATMENT is the best option.
 What I see going on here is a key need for "Purple Team" to create a FALSE narrative for victims of this rehab scheme, is to completely and totally use their well practised and obviously hugely successful program of MIND CONTROL.
 Yup, you heard it hear first folks, the WCB Millard # Product is NOT as you would think, rehabilitation. Nope, these cats is selling MIND CONTROL. This begs the question, how many "MIND CONTOL WCB Hero Badges" does it take to become a TOP SALES ASSOCIATE at the WCB Millard?

 The correct answer is, who cares, because once again the WCB of Alberta has taken a issue that should be solely about the client and turned it into to an issue that is "ALL ABOUT THEM" and their precious bonus structure. This is a common theme that surrounds all of the old dead wood that is populating the Alberta Government at all levels of this corrupted mess. It is time to clean house, and get rid of all of the old drift wood that has been piling up in the WCB organization and the AB Govt overall.
 And it starts at the top, get rid of the head of the monster and the monster will wither and pass into the history books to be forgotten as a blight on the history of this province.
 I went to see my doctor and my chiro yesterday because I was according to my Physiotherapist Vanessa, I must have been suffering from some kind of acute stupidity attack that was bringing on my extreme pain episodes. Yup according to Vanessa being that I am obviously undereducated and quite possibly a functioning dummy, that my brain simply is not large enough to be able to process the pain signals coming from my BROKEN BACK! I mean, my God, Jesus Christ almighty, do these minions of Guy Kerr and his corporate associates actually really believe the #1 - Class A Bullshit that they are selling seriously injured workers on?
I aver, the Millard Health facilty is still a Gong Show.
 All of this has brought back the painfuly memories of being rendered homeless by the useless physiotherapists at the old REMED physio. It was Jay Dunn who made the massively moronic decision to emply Deep Back Massages on my back only a couple of months AFTER major back surgery! He hit my L1 numerous times with his deep back massages, that rendered me bed ridden. I was injured, but on that occasion he aggravated my obvious injury site, which I immediately went to my doctor and reported. It did not matter because my Claims Manager of the day cut me off and refused to respond to any of my phone calls thus rendering me homeless.
 I still get flashbacks of having to beg my family members for money in order to buy my medications, since the very first thing the WCB did back then was cut off paying for my medications.

 When Jay Dunn was employing his massage to my back, I was able to withstand the pain as he was poking and prodding my broken LI vertabrae because of pain meds. I mean Jesus H friggin Christ, there has to be a mininum level of education for these physiotherapist bastards. Clearly there exists a large void of knowledge that is NOT being taught to these physio technicians. Obviously in the province of Alberta your physio Degree comes mailed to you in the bottom of a box of Kelloggs Corn Flakes.
 Kelloggs, spreading flakes across the land and planting the roots of tommorrows flakely physiotherapists. There are good physiotherapists out there, the only problem is that when you are seriously injured and reliant on the rehab benefits of the WCB of Alberta; YOU are never exposed to any of the good ones. You get the flunkies who are solely out for their OWN benefits and their BIG BONUS cheques that are nicely meshed into their monthly pay.
 We as a society have to reach a point where injured workers are not just treated like a pay cheque, where we are treated as real humans with real injuries and real emotions that are in extreme jeopardy when we are exposed to such a super TOXIC environment such as the one that exists at the WCB Millard phony rehabilitation facility in Edmonton, AB.
 I am having a mental breakdown as we speak because of the stress these toxic people put on you as they try to UP-SELL Guy Kerr's #1 product, which is pure unadultrated BULLSHIT. This organization has all of their programmed robots selling the SAME idea, that your injury is all in your head. The crap these guys are selling is nothing more than pure Malarky, the quality of care they are currently delivering is so substandard it does not even register on any legitimate QOC meter.
 These CHEAP bastards do NOT have decent quality chairs for seriously injured workers to sit on, and this is a chronic problem throughout the facility. The therapists have to give up their own office chairs so I can have something decent to sit on during my visits. This is an outrage and a violation of my right to proper, decent and RELATIVE treatments for my injury.
 SELLING me on the Guy Kerr line of Grade A Bullshit is not any way, shape or fashion to be considered as a proper, decent care, and certainly is in no way RELEVANT to my rehabilitation. The crap these people are talking about is care for people that have mechanical back pain where it cannot be determined by a Spinal Orthopaedic Surgeon precisely where this pain is coming from.
 The evidence is clear, the MRI evidence is new, current and provides overwhelming evidence of the serious nature of my injuries. For the WCB of Alberta to continue to try to UP-SELL me on their Bullshit is worse than listening to the girl at McDonalds trying to sell you another burger or some apple pies for Gods Sake.
 Jesus Christ the WCB Millard is a mess. The ONLY way to fix this Gong Show mess is to CLOSE the WCB Millard facility, permanently.

 Because the WCB Millard is forcing clients to get their medical care from a group of robotically programmed future Walmart Associates is a direct violation of our Charter of Rights. See:
 Permanently CLOSE WCB Millard because the WCB Millard is a direct violation of our constitutional rights. This is a grotesque violation of my human rights and all persons who are FORCED to attend this Mickey Mouse organization that is so godammed cheap they won't even spend money so that injured workers with bad backs have a decent place to sit down. A godammed crying shamed is what this place is. They have stressed me out to the maximum, if |I crack, I am unable to control my actions. I just simply go white out and we will have to deal with the consequences of that event when these weirdos continue to say crazy wacko stuff about my injury.
 There needs to be a minimum standard of care at Millard, but to me in the first week I simply cannot see that any exists. For the team lead Debby to tell me that they (WCB) do not want to see any clients who are high stumbling around possibly injuring themselves or others, only highlights and exposes how ANCIENT their thinking and knowledge base is at the Workers Compensation Board Millard. These guys and girls are living in the 5th Century, for them Fred Flinstone has not even been born yet.
 And thus, this is where the old saying, "Yup, it really is still 1959 in Alberta alright", came from. The WCB is still living in the STONE AGE for Christ's sake.
Flinstones, meet the Flinstones....they are a modern day stoneage family.

 Debbies comments once again expose the WCB and how they always manage to twist and warp an issue that is about seriously injured workers and turn it around and MAKE the issue into something about THEM. The Alberta Byzantine Empire (WCB) is drunk on turning every issue into "something about them".

 My physiotherapist Vanessa set off my alarm bells when she said she knew Jay Dunn at Remed, it was Jay Dunn and the report from Remed that reported me for non-attendance that rendered me homeless. REMED championing making WCB clients homeless for over 10 years. I am not interested in being anywhere near toxic people like Jay Dunn or any of the crazy physiotherapists who are SELLING MIND CONTROL.
 Peace out kids.