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Monday, June 29, 2015

Philippine Worker to receive meeting with Alberta Health Minister Hoffman

 I read the morning news this morning and the Edmonton Journal is reporting that a Temporary Foreign Worker from the Philippines is going to meet with the Alberta Health Minister. I really have no issue with this woman and the unfortunate circumstances that resulted in her becoming disabled in a bicycle accident in Edmonton.
 I do have an issue with the Journal reporting that if this woman was injured at work that the WCB Alberta would pay for ALL of her medications and medical expenses as a result of any injuries suffered as a result of a workplace accident. Well I can tell you from experience that that is a total Goddamned LIE, and would really like it if the Journal would STOP repeating these lies.

It was revealed on the Facebook page of my now deceased Claims Managers and her friends and coworkers Facebook pages that my claims manager was racist, and enjoyed making jokes about aboriginal people to entertain her co-workers. The racist tone of the WCB Alberta is disturbing because in the Alberta Government "Union CONTRACT" that all WCB employees must sign for their wage agreements, the Union has rules banning harassment and racism in the workplace; and the WCB Union Agreement explicitly protects the WCB AB Employees from such treatment. I guess Guy Kerr is just racist enough for him to approve of the Claims Managers taking their racism out on Seriously Injured Workers.

Well it just so happens that I am of aboriginal descent and she turned me down for so much as ONE visit to the Chiropractor in order to help ease my pain and suffering!
 The WCB of Alberta gets their Claims Manager JOLLIES this way. Her family took down the Facebook link revealing the truth about what WCB AB Claims Managers "Really Think".

 I live on AISH, the taxpayers of Alberta PAY for every single medication and prescription that I require in order to stay alive as a direct result of the Chronic Pain I suffer because this is a direct side effect of falling off of a steel rafter at work and breaking my back and injuring my neck.
 AISH would normally pay for at least 3 visits to the Chiropractor. Because my chiropractor tried to get WCB to pay, but WCB of Alberta will pay for ZERO visits to my chiropractor. I have spent too many nights crying over the abuse that the WCB of Alberta has deliberately FOCUSED on me. The WCB of Alberta's favorite TORTURE technique comes in the form of the DENIAL of Medical Treatments and TOTAL DENIAL of diagnostic scans and imaging. This gets the Alberta WCB Claims Managers absolutely Squealing with delight when they know they have delivered the MAXIMUM amount of medical torture possible.
 The Claims Managers can go on a big BONUS CHEQUE DRUNKEN party with the money they make denying seriously injured workers, because the ENTIRE organization benefits when I SUFFER the MOST. Torture of Seriously Injured Workers is the #1 role for a WCB Alberta Claims Manager.

The WCB of Alberta and Alberta Health services have to co-ordinate d their deliberate Medical ATTACK on my care by making damned sure that there is NO WAY IN HELL that I will EVER be able to see a real Spinal Orthopedic Surgeon. I will never get to see a neurosurgeon to determine the precise origin of my Chronic Pain that I live with every day!
 I was referred to the University of Calgary Spine Clinic a couple of years ago and the doctor there met with me after we drove down one day that required me to sleep in the car on the way down and the way back just to meet the specialist. She had told me she was going to order a bunch of different diagnostic tests; then a month later she phoned me back to tell me that some unnamed person from AB Health had phoned her and told her that ALL of MY TESTS were CANCELLED permanently!
 I cannot put into words how it feels when you are deliberately ATTACKED by your own government. Your heart and any tiny speck of hope for humanity is gone from your psyche forever.

 The Hacks and Quacks surgeon Dr. Hong Xing Jiang who operated on me has refused to ever see me again, because he knows of the crimes committed against my person by the WCB AB in the Royal Alexandra hospital. I waited for years to see Dr. Jiang; as my doctor had even written him on 2 occasions. In response Dr. Jiang wrote 4 (four) words in his report. He wrote: Surgery will not help.
 I waited for almost a year to see Jiang and this is what he sent me, 4 words.
 This is what 7 years of schooling enables you to write as a diagnosis and long term prognosis, is 4 words? These are the doctors AB WCB has been implanting into our Healthcare system?
 I wanted evidence based investigative medical imaging, you know like white people get; in order to determine the cause of my chronic pain.
 What Chinese province gave this guy a doctor's license? Did he get his degree from the 4 Words Harbin University?

 I am sorry this woman is in a bad predicament, but just try to imagine the horrible slap in the face that the mistreatment I have suffered as a result of falling off a rafter at work has brought me, by no fault of my own. I went to work and got hurt, that is it. My foreman and the site superintendent were both there when I fell, there is no contest to my injury, yet I still continue to receive NO Help whatsoever from the WCB of Alberta.
 The WCB Millard bogus Health Center phony health care workers immediately began "Threatening to cut me off, intimidating me and mocking my injury"; I had just met them. I never uttered one bad word to them and the THREATS to make me homeless came pouring out of the Millard staff like a giant AB Tar Bucket.

 Charity starts at home. That is what my mother taught me growing up, if the province of Alberta is going to start supporting TFW's that got hurt in bicycle accidents then I damned well deserve some kind of help. This is not right, downloading the cost of my medical care onto taxpayers is NOT right; this is a crime to pad the bottom line of WCB against the Taxpayers of Alberta. This is Guy Kerr maximizing his 1$Million dollar BONUS cheque! The WCB is the Fiduciary that is financially liable for my continuing Medical Care. This is nothing more than gratuitous GREED by Kerr and his board.

WHY is there nothing being done to MAKE WCB Alberta accountable, not only to the seriously injured workers of Alberta, but WHY is the WCB Alberta NOT accountable to the TAXPAYERS of Alberta?
 Why Minister Hoffman? You are my MLA, does charity not begin at home? I realize the new government has a enormous task ahead fixing all of the screwed up policies of the PC's. I guess time will tell if they can fix Health Care and the WCB. It is too corrupt in my opinion, you would have to FIRE the entire WCB Staff in order to fix this.
 The best place to start is by firing Guy Kerr the CEO of WCB Ab, he is one of the the last vestiges of corruption and entitlement leftover from the AB PC SELF entitlement gang in Edmonton. Guy Kerr has profitted MASSIVELY on the backs of DEAD Albertans, and Seriously injured workers in Alberta.
 He has cashed way too many Million dollar BONUS  cheques, and still continues to brag about killing between 100 and 200 workers PER/YEAR! Fire this SELF-entitled greedy bugger.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

My recent Hospital visits have really hampered my Blog posts recently

  I apologize for not updating my blog in the last few months but I recently had to go to the emergency dept. at the University and after that horrible act of discrimination by the U of A doctor I had to return to the hospital a few days later. I have given up on going to the University Hospital for their programmed WCB discrimination doctors who get some kind of glee from denying care to seriously injured workers. I went to the Sherwood Park hospital a couple of days later, they have a very wonderful staff working there.
  I cannot believe that I lived long enough to watch the Healthcare system of this province be completely gutted and hollowed out the way it is here in Alberta. The AHS is clearly utilizing a system of discrimination in their policies that are implemented when you arrive in the Emergency departments of our hospitals here in Alberta. 
 I will try to update my blog in a couple of days.