Brent McGillis: Jul 1, 2014

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

This is WHERE Harper and the Alberta Model for Canada's NEW Industrial Heartland is taking us

This is a link to a story about the horrors of Abusive Employers in Texas and their denial of Workers Compensation to Injured Workers in Texas. This news story is also about stripping away what their Republican Lawmakers in Texas like to call excessive "Regulation" by the State Government. The reason that this is such an important story is because Alberta is the closest Province in Canada to the Texas Model.
Alberta Health has been pursuing an Agenda that hires the same American Hospital Corporations that Texas uses to run our Hospitals in Alberta. The Alberta government relies on an American Spinal Treatment CHAIN medical boutique to ensure that the majority of Seriously Injured Workers that really need surgeries are sent to their Hacko Quacko CBI rehab, or simply completely denied care altogether. Healthpointe in the U.S. was convicted of a countrywide fraud by the U.S. Department of Justice, and paid their fine of $1 Billion USD in cash immediately. All we ever hear about on the news is how the Harper government is "helping Canadians" by stripping away "Excessive Regulations" that encumber business his government says. The end product of these kinds of "Backward policies" to workers is that the Seriously Injured Workers end up on the AISH programs across Canada if they are lucky enough to be accepted, and then their entire Medical Bills become a burden on the Taxpayers. Those who are not so lucky end up homeless and committing suicide to escape the horror their lives have become. Canada used to be a much more advance culture than America, but the Harper government agenda is taking us straight down the very same path as Texas and is regressing this province backwards in time to the 1950's.