Brent McGillis: Jun 24, 2010

Thursday, June 24, 2010

SynCrude Tailings Pond pays no WCB

Syncrude Corpse Will Never Collect WCB a.k.a. Dave Matthews

This article is interesting considering that Dave Matthews was Syncrude's bird and ecology team leader. Dave Matthews has since died of Cancer. Matthews, who had no training in wildlife management, since his only previous Syncrude qualifications was expertise as a Heavy Equipment Operator.
It came out in the court hearings that Dave Matthews has since died of Cancer. Interesting? Yes, could it be as result of working in close proximity to the Toxic Tailing Pond?
Did Equipment Operator/Migratory Bird Specialist Dave Matthews qualify for Workers Compensation Alberta death benefits, since there is about a 99% Probability Mr. Matthews expired as a result of working in such close proximity to the Tailing Pond/s.
I am simply curious as to whether or not Dead Syncrude Personnel qualify for this benefit, considering it equals of probably exceeds the Test for Cancers caused as a result of prolonged Occupational Exposure to extreme known Carcinogenic Toxin Lakes. There is no Scientist in the World that would contest the Extreme Toxicity & Cancer causing known Toxins in these Poisonous Chemical Lakes.
Mind you a Alberta Government Crony Scientist would knowingly Mislead the Public about the Tar Sands Scientifically Accepted Facts.
That too has been proven, and is a matter of public domain.Link
It only seems fair given the fact that the Fire Fighters have earned themselves this exclusive death benefit, recognized by the WCB Alberta.
Dis-including "ALL" other workers exposed to extremely dangerous Cancer Causing Chemicals, on the basis these Fire Fighter Cancer's were caused by agents of Combustion, is nothing more than Discrimination on the basis the unfortunate deceased worker was employed by Oil Sands Corporations propped up by Super Corrupt Oil Cronies in the Alberta government.
After all the Director for CSIS just public stated that government officials in Canada have been compromised by foreign interests.
I regard any group or Corporation that corrupts our government officials to be regarded as a foreign Power. Some of these crooks are domestic (eg.WCB), but Most are acting on behalf of foreign Oil interests. In my opinion.
In a true Democratic Province, there would be inquires, not in Alberta. The Corruption runs High & Deep.
Maybe someone should ask the WCB Alberta. They seem to have all the time in the world to discuss Fire Fighters, surely they can spare a few moments to discuss Cancer riddled Tar Sand deceased workers.

Mind you, I doubt the Minister Responsible Thomas Lukaszuk would really have time to discuss these important matters. Especially given the fact that he is an old WCB Crony. In my Opinion,He has to be, there is no other possible explanation as how he went from being a school teacher to being a Injured Workers Advocate, he was a WCB Claims manager or his wife was.
This is precisely why the WCB Alberta, and Employment Minister Thomas Lukaszuk are fully committed to building the WCB EDMONTON FORTRESS.
Good Job Tommy Boy, Billy club, Taser, physically assault and threaten seriously Injured Workers is your Standard Operating Procedure.
I have an idea Minister Waffen, how about you try Medically treating and helping seriously injured workers? Wow, what a concept. Well their is no way giant Oil Companies are going to put up with that BS.
How else are you going to KEEP the Alberta Lie alive? Stealing Jobs from Americans by artificially keeping Alberta's Workers Compensation Rates at the lowest in Canada?
This is no Alberta Advantage, this is Government Sponsored Fraud on a massive scale. Easily done when you refuse to help seriously Injured Workers Thomas.

Thomas Lukaszuk do you think Barack Obama will send you a thank you letter for Canadians stealing Jobs From America? Stealing Jobs and terrorizing families with a phony WCB rate, only made possible by stealing benefits from seriously Injured Workers?
George Bush's family is alive and well running Alberta.