Brent McGillis: Oct 18, 2011

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

WCB Millard Health Center routinely use "Threats and Coercion" to intimidate Claimants into signing "Legally" binding documents!! BEWARE!

This is another sinister tactic employed by the Workers Compensation Board of Alberta, to trick seriously injured workers into signing legal documents, thus guaranteeing that claimants can never have their claims properly assessed or treated.
The WCB Millard Health Center is the perfect platform for launching these heinous crimes against seriously injured workers in Alberta.
Because the claimant[patient] who is in dire need of medical attention and a paycheque to support their families are in a corner, either they take what ever baloney sandwich is being thrown at them by these devious sycophants, or the claimant gets "nothing".
Those are your choices!
What kind of sicko "Sieg Heil" sociopath would come up with such a horribly sick and demented plan? Oh, yeah, I almost forgot, Guy Kerr.

"Seig Heil" is an appropriate salute to Guy Kerr, given his sick string of abusive accomplishments. I always put my finger under my nose and give a fake "Seig Heil" salute when I pass any Alberta Government offices, or the legislature. Or when ever I see one of their crony Gov. reps on the television. It signifies that I fully recognize my government as a fascist government.

Who else could be responsible for such a obviously fraudulent designed practice? A practice which is designed to load the gun that will be put to your head once you enter the Workers Compensation Appeals Commission Hearing.
The entire process at the Workers Compensation Board of Alberta Millard Health[WCB AB] is nothing more than an elaborate hoax designed to force a seriously physically wounded and injured worker walk through a deliberately "Booby Trapped" mine field of fraudulently designed legal tools. These cleverly designed hoax's are custom tailored by the WCB Alberta to make the claimant perform "Legal Suicide" on themselves.
Good Job Guy Kerr[sic], for robbing the futures of seriously injured workers who were complete functioning contributors to society before they fell into the cleverly laid Legal Mine Field laid out by the Workers Compensation Board Alberta[WCB AB].
Judgment Day is coming.