Brent McGillis: Nov 27, 2010

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Raj Sherman Healthcare and the College of Physicians

The Alberta Government smear campaign against Raj Sherman is another disgusting Smug, arrogant, glib abuse of power and political attack on Raj Sherman's integrity. Ed Stemach/cronies actions are a blasphemous attack on Democracy. The entire province of Alberta is disgusted with the Tories whisper/smear campaign is truly the last desperate act of a government reeling against an angry backlash of support for Raj Sherman. This is only the beginning of the exposure of the super corrupt government of Alberta. It is important to recognize who some of the hidden villains in this unfolding story are. First Villain, and of the greatest threat to Raj Sherman's reputation is the College of Physicians and Surgeons. Taxpayers have this quaint fluffy preconception of a dignified, respectable group of doctors whose only priority is to ensure the proper care of Health care Clients. Nothing could be further from the Truth. The College of Physicians is Lobby group for privatization of Health care. In the United States, the A.M.A.(American Medical Assoc.) is one of the most powerful and wealthiest lobbies Against President Obama's Health care Reform. The stakes are high in the millionaire club doctors organizations. Doctors stand to profit in the Billions. Are you getting my picture?
I had exactly the same deluded image of the College of Physicians until it was MY turn to file a complaint against the bogus "Rent-a-docs" the WCB Millard Center employs. It was then I discovered the true color of the College's underbelly.
Check out the Boards Dr. Olhauser sits on, no wonder you can NEVER win a WCB appeal!!

The WCB had violated my privacy by the unauthorized sharing of MY medical information with Doctors who have absolutely no involvement in my medical treatment. In addition the reports these doctors write are 100% completely felonious in nature, and are written with the felonious intention of falsely swearing a document in order to deny me government legislated Workers Compensation benefits.
These BUMS(triple bogie Docs) are being pursued by State Justice investigations in some U.S. states, this is only the beginning of Workers Compensation Insurance Providers Medical Fraud investigations in the United States.
A reasonable person with a reasonable amount of his own faculties would only be able to come to the conclusion that an egregious attack on my Medical Condition was being waged by a venomous Doctor(Fully Paid Member of the College of Physicians). This doctor and his felonious partners in crime(WCB Claims Managers), they did so with Dutiful Malice. Their intent is diametrically opposed to what is written in the Workers Compensation Act. The WCB, Alberta Gov't, and College of Physician sponsored perversions of Medicine have effectively GUTTED the very spirit of the legislation, leaving only a cold empty LEGAL corspe as any evidence of the intent of the Meridith Principle.
At the very core of contract law, is the tacit understanding that the party you are entering into a agreement(contract) with, will not use fraudulent misreprentation to cheat you out of any compensation.

These cruel fraudulent perversions of Medicine, intentionally attack the very social contract within the "Laws of Natural Justice". Using crook Doctors is what the WCB Alberta does 50 times a day to injured workers across this province.
The very Principes of The Rule of Law, and Democracy have been politically tampered with, to the point of Legal Heresy! The Alberta Conservative Party is not in any context, a legitimate ethical group of Lawmakers, period.

It appears to me that these College approved "Rent-a-Docs" can be called into active duty for more than simply denying crippled Ironworkers who fell and broke their backs. I feel really bad for Raj Sherman, to have such a bogus organization actually go after his credentials. The College and their board members have long been an embarassment to the Profession of Ethical Medicine in Alberta.

I feel sorry for Raj given the fact that in Hellberta, their is no other agency as powerful, skilled and devious as the College of Physicians membership. This organizations membership is clearly operating without fear of prosecution, for their fraudulent pandering against severely injured workers who were never, examined or treated by these approved College Physicians. Is the College of Physician's membership stamp simply a license to break the law, and act without professional conduct, to act with impunity? When these College members services were never solicited by the severely injured worker? How can a College approved Physician charge my Workers Compensation Account for his unsolicited, nefarious services? How is this possible under the Protective Umbrella of the College of Physicians and Surgeons? My crook WCB Claims manager Colleen Bamford can pay her crooked Doctors, Dr. Lorri Galbraith, Dr. E.D.Charleton and Dr. Barend Sonnenburg out of HER own pocket if she pleases. Why would I want to pay for felonious Medical reports based on selective medical report excerpts, without ever so much as an examination or any further radiographic scans? These College approved Rent-a-docs are writing "Pre-determined Medical Outcome reports", that are being used in a Medically slanderous manner to discredit my severe medical condition? These crooked bastards will not even approve of buying me a bed in the almost 5 years since I fell and shattered my vertabrae, with part of it collapsing into my spinal canal. What kind of sick bastards do the College of Physicians hand licenses out to? Con Artists is what I see. You be the judge.

This is why I worry for Raj Sherman, because the College of Physicians is acting like a Crack Commando Base for Crooked Physicians to operate from, using this Professional Platform to launch nefarious Medical Condition Attacks on Innocent Civilians. I see the College of Physicians as a rubber stamp for Medical Fraud of the highest level. Because these crook physicians(including psychiatrics) can operate from the Colleges forward operating Base in the Telus Tower.
This is why I call the government of Alberta a "DeMockery", and not a Democracy.
These crooks can have you locked up under false Mental Health pretenses, all 100% Politically driven by the Insurance Industry.
Who is the single largest benefactor of all of these crooked policies? You got it! Insurance companies. Life Insurance companies, Auto Insurance companies, The Workers Compensation Board of Alberta, which of course Dr. Olhauser sits as the Medical Panel Commisioner for the Workers’ Compensation Board of Alberta 2001 – Present, as well as the Insurance Board of Alberta. Start digging into who sits on all these different boards and committees and a very clear picture of corruption begins to emerge. Dr. Olhauser sits on a Federal Government Health committe, IMS Health Canada Medical Advisory Board 2006 – Present. When Did Canada start to go into the tank in Healthcare? Oh, lets say when Steven Harper became PM.

I have always said since the beginning of my injury and the start of my battle with the CRONY Government of Alberta, that soon all Albertans would be suffering exactly the same way I am, as a injured worker. Since I now know how FAR reaching and deep the corruption in every department of the AB Government is, ALL Canadians will soon feel this pain of denial of timely access to proper Health Care. It is the Alberta Way. One more benefit of voting for Steven Harper. When you vote for Steven Harper you get and entire BUSLOAD of Executive level crook cronies as an entourage.

Are any warning bells going off in your brain? Dr. Olhauser is Senior Medical Advisor to the Superintendent of Insurance 2004 – Present--Automobile Insurance Benefits Reform--Government of Alberta, Department of Treasury. I mean come on people, do I have to draw you a map and lead you there with crumbs? Soft Tissue Injuries ringing any bells? Wake up Alberta. The Government and a small group of super powerful people are controlling all of the strings which affect each and every part of your life. But more importantly, they control the most expensive parts of your life, right down to the part where you walk into the pharmacy and get your prescription, or oh, let's say go buy a medical assistance device.

Dr. Raj Sherman is up against some super powerful game players, and they don't like it when anybody starts rocking the boat. The corrupt Government of Alberta is not only waging a smear campaign against Dr. Raj Sherman-MLA, but they are out to discredit him and strip him of his Professional Credentials. Doing so would effectively render Dr. Sherman's ability to feed his family, Moot. Exactly the same thing they do to severely injured workers. This is not simply a Medical Crisis. This is a crisis of the social make-up of our society, government and communites. This is clearly a case of the BIG BOYS, squishing the little guy. Or maybe more aptly put, the good ol' boys.