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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Patrick Clayton Defense Fund

I can sympathize with Patrick Clayton. I know what it is to be abused by these shill bastards. When you talk about Drug Addicts, let us not forget the Heroin addicts, crack addicts, meth freaks and drunks who work for WCB Alberta. It is a matter of public record that this gang of drunks and druggies have stolen MILLIONS OF DOLLARS from hard working Albertan s. They don't even have to go to jail, why? You got it. Alberta Hillbilly Nepotism at work. These people are a gang of evil shill bastards. Want proof. Here is a link to the Mother Corp. American Association of State Compensation Boards. When Patrick Clayton went up against these dirt bags, he was unaware that he was going up against a very sophisticated, highly refined and honed legal machine. I have always said right from the start of my dealings with this gang of fools, "This is an American Model". Canadians are too dumb to pull off a Insurance Scheme of this magnitude. The very last people on earth who have any latitude whatsoever for mudslinging in this affair, is any shill WCB employees, anywhere in Canada. Is your neighbor suddenly moving, now you know why. Boy, this government sure hang with some highfalutin classy types. I wonder what other things Jethro and company have been doing. I am going to start going to the leg regular to see exactly why our elected officials are getting paid and I am not. Remember what I said about a puppet regime? Bunch of Pinnochio's. The real hostages in this entire mess, are the seriously injured workers who were cheated out of their future, by a felonious sham operation known as the WCB Alberta
. These people are the true victims, and have been robbed of medications, medical care in all forms, retraining, and the ability to feed and clothe their families. These people have had their future stolen from them, not just from having to live their lives with disabilities left untreated, which can cause a whole litany of complications as a result. But from not having proper retraining, for occupations that will NOT result in further damage to their already broken bodies. Hostages because of the malicious attack unleashed on them by WCB Alberta, resulting in bankrupt families, families torn to pieces with the survivors left broke, depressed and stigmatized by our government. So as a result these victims are left to their own devices to fend off depression and suicidal tendencies. To be shut out of the opportunities we used to enjoy in society as fully functional, happy contributing members of society is a hell in itself. To be denied proper medical care, medications and medical treatment that could help ease some of our physical, mental suffering is heartbreaking to these victims. The claims managers at the WCB Alberta play mind games with us, torment us, and mock us. They know exactly how critical our medical treatments are to us. They use this to mentally torture us, they know exactly what the effect of denying us medical treatment will do to seriously injured workers. They do this to enrage us, resulting in seriously injured workers being banned from their premises. These people are trained in these tactics. As a result we are marginalized, labeled as crazy, stigmatized as "one of those crazy malinger injured workers". Some of these workers end up homeless as I did. A social worker and my friends advice helped pull me back from the precipice. So you are left completely bankrupt financially, mentally exhausted, and medically untreated injured worker staggering around wondering, "What the Hell went wrong?" To advocate such heinous deliberate willful malicious acts of social terrorism on your society will result in a society that is socially bankrupt. As a result we end up feeling trapped, abused, mentally tortured and not knowing whether or not our government will unleash even harsher penalties on us. We live in fear every day of the government cutting off whatever tiny little stipends that we receive. This government governs by "FEAR". I never used to be afraid of my government. But I am now. For what? Why? Because I got hurt at work? Good men and women are dying in Afghanistan, to protect democracy. You cannot hold up this organization (WCB) as a shining example of democracy, and how democracy treats its own citizens. If the Cowboys in charge will not reign in these rogue cows, then you know what? It is time for a showdown at the OK Corral. Phone your government representative, let them know you don't approve of torturing injured workers. Let Alberta WCB know when you talk to them that you are not happy. Keep up the pressure. Where is my Bed Colleen? I'm waiting in pain my sweet adorable claims manager. And guess what? I am not going to court to get it.
Democracy is a community, not an idea.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Patrick Clayton is Charged & Hector Goudreau stands by WCB Appeals process

I went to the legislature today and visited the gallery on a pass from my MLA. I was shocked and appalled by Hector Goudreau to stand by "Operation Fleece Workers". Many have argued that the WCB is funded by employers. More BS. If workers did not go to work then there would be no WCB. There is no single larger stakeholder in this whole mess than the seriously injured worker. No other participant has as much to lose, and has everything at stake in this process. Not the least of which is his life. I know, I live under the thumb of these "Sieg Heil" bastards every day. Another baloney head waving around the "Appeals Process". B.S., I am calling your hand Hector, because that is what you are doing. You are gambling with my life. And, as we all found out on Thursday. The Shill bastards that glean the very living life and soul from productive working families, didn't like it when the table was turned. Guess what, humans don't like it when somebody else holds all the cards, and their lives hang in the balance now do they? And they are not even disabled. To knowingly target and maliciously strip a disabled human being financially and medically bare, Why? While stripping a disabled human being of all their rights guaranteed under the charter. Then with dutiful malicious intent mentally torture and attempt to inflict a nervous breakdown on another human is a heinous crime against humanity itself. These individuals acting in concert shows collusion and Culpability in a racketeering organization. The malicious maggots who have done this to innocent families should be brought to justice. Here are the pages of my first and only appeal that WCB fed into the paper shredder. Letter of Authorization, Page 01, Page 02, Page 03, Page 04, Page 05. These documents were faxed to the WCB office downtown. They fed them into their paper shredder. Fair treatment? Working dispute mechanism. Hah! That would assume that the other signatory in this process was not a evil shill bastard hell bent on using any number of dirty, misleading, malicious tricks to roadblock your appeal or any part of the appeal process. Hector, if you stand up for these clowns, your credibility is at stake. Millions are watching you defend very bad people. What kind of legacy is that? I think the good people of Dunvegan and the Peace country elected someone smarter than that. Once again the WCB cleverly downloads the integrity and reputation hit onto someone other than themselves. They do this every day, finding another fall guy is their specialty. Nevermind the fact that your caucus pals have hung a giant boulder on the back of your ski-doo on Sandy Beach. I wonder if they will dive in to save your reputation when it all starts sinking. I have been waiting for my complete file that I authorized for my lawyer 8 months ago. When my claims manager denies a medical need, why does this issue not go before a medical review panel? Rather than a shill unqualified rent-a-doc colluding with sociopath claims managers? Why do I have to go through a needlessly long drawn out shell game run by gangsters, and fraud artists? As a seriously injured worker under extreme physical and mental duress, I simply don't possess the necessary tools to go to court every time I need some medical care. I suppose I should not expect more from those who would mock democracy itself.

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Friday, October 23, 2009

Injured Worker Initiated Alberta Stimulus Package

Well if there is one good thing to come out of this, imagine the millions the government is now going to have to spend on security across this province. Funny ED you and your crew claim that the Workers Compensation Board is a independent corporate entity, why is now necessary to beef up security at all your Government offices. Feeling a little insecure are we? That's it ED, further insulate yourself from the population. You know in the old days you guys used to just build a fort. This is really starting to feel like an Oligarchy.Well at least the money the government saved on my care is being spent well.
I am happy to announce on behalf of injured workers everywhere: A injured worker initiated "Stimulus Package". This is exactly what this province needs. Puts lots of people to work. As a bonus, they don't even need retraining. They are security guards. They need even less retraining than a injured Ironworker does. Good job ED. You guys just keep applying ToryNomics. Don't inject a stimulus package into the medical system by actually giving medical care to injured workers. No better yet, let the taxpayers of Alberta pay for my tests and ongoing care for the next 20 years. This is what happens when you let your drop-out relatives make medical decisions on behalf of the medical community. Not helping injured workers with their medical care is really just Another cleverly disguised HIDDEN TAX on hard working Albertans. Make CPP disability, the provinces welfare system and other governments across Canada pay for our care. It is the Alberta Way. Download responsibility on to a taxpayer funded agency. The total sum burden that has been downloaded onto taxpayers over decades by corporate employers is "Mammoth", incalculable really. You really have to give credit where credit is due. Government sponsored cleverly disguised taxes for decades is a gigantic accomplishment. C'mon Ed, give another speech about how low taxes are in "HELLberta". Phone the President of Canada (Stephen Harper), I'm sure they can add some of their own BS spin to this issue. Moo.
LADYS AND GENTLEMAN may I have your attention please. Looks like it is time for a Road Trip to Ottawa.

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Alberta and the loss of hope

Judging by the Alberta governments response, nothing is going to change. As I expected they are beefing up security across the board at all government buildings. Is the WCB saving employers money yet? Will the guy running this gong show stand up and make the shill bastards that are abusing our hard working citizens accountable, Not! These people are relatives of the government, they are not going to give up their do nothing jobs. They would not be able to rob us blind then. How will they get free financing for their time share projects in B.C.? Will the whistle blowers come forward, not likely. The robber barons are too busy running. Watching all hope fade before your eyes is truly a horrible experience. Any statistics the WCB produces is complete Blarney. Persons from this government open their mouths and B.S. comes out. Moo. The WCB Alberta and the government is making a "Mockery of Democracy". This is not the Alberta I grew up in. Here is a link to the CBC Radio Show the Current which I was interviewed on.

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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Armed man enters WCB Edmonton

The Alberta WCB is just plain bad Karma. And you know what they say about bad Karma, what goes around comes around. Fortunately no one was injured in the standoff. Do I now believe that the Hellberta Government is going to take action and actually make the WCB compensate seriously injured workers? The answer is NO, I do not! We have been lied to before by TORY Corp. Never happen this is a pro-business government and why would a conservative government put and end to what amounts to a hidden TAX on Albertans and Canadians. When the WCB does not pay, the taxpayers across Canada end up paying for the health care and living expenses of seriously injured workers from Alberta. Why are the taxpayers on the hook for my care, and some of it is very expensive. The Alberta WCB obviously has no clue as to what the word "fiduciary" means. More importantly, they do not care either. Who gave these guys an Insurance License anyways. My doctor and all the non WCB health care workers I have encountered in this entire experience have been professional. The only people I have encountered who are 100% non professional, and have not treated me with respect and dignity is the Workers Compensation Board staff, right from day 1. I have been asking for a bed for over 3 1/2 years now. My doctor has prescribed it. If you worked for the WCB what would be the very first item you would buy for a person who fell and broke his back? Good guess, a bed. I sleep on a futon mattress on the floor. I know my government and their pals all sleep on cushy pocket coils. Thanks ED, good job. Now cancel my rent subsidy. Oops, too late Capital Region Housing already did that, who would want to help a disabled person? How is this ending homelessness in Alberta? We now know that Conservative MLA's are impotent against the WCB Alberta, or are they? They are probably given a TORY script. Finally, will seriously injured workers across Canada every get to appear before the Standing Committee on Human Rights, not likely. The (JUST) committee will quickly sweep past us, remember this is a conservative government. Human rights for Canadians, what are you out of your mind. It is all here in my Blog, including live links to my documents, and a good portion of my documents at the bottom of my blog page.

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

George Bush visits Edmonton

It is funny how seemingly innocuous events are connected. George Bush visits Edmonton to speak to the Oil Elite, and to keep the corporate piracy dream alive. The Americans ran him out of town, and we throw him a party. George Bush fully represents the right wing agenda. The corporate piracy that his gang represents is responsible for the corporate gang rape of North America. George W Bush and his pals are responsible for the Global Melt Down. Right wing corporate greed and the worship of money is why the WCB corporate model is so tightly embraced by our Conservative Government here in Canada. The HMO's of America have highly honed this model until it is a true hybrid of the American Corporate Medical Machine. Fully engaging the corporate medical model of America, is what our Alberta Conservative Government is busy implementing right before our eyes. If you cannot see this, you may be living on Mars. The United States of America is busy trying to shake this model, not here, Tories embrace this model. Our government is starving for health dollars, no need to raise taxes or fees to fund it. Just run the system into the ground. When that is completed, roll out the American model. Touting it as the only available option that will save our health care system that the Conservatives are so intent on killing. All this while 900 Million Dollars is being spent on the new "Edmonton Clinic". Well once they have fully mashed the current system, and that of course will include crushing those pesky health care unions that all Tories hate. Then it will be time for their new and improved pay for services system, and with a new Super Board to ensure that those Goddamn poor people don't abuse the system and actually get proper health care. Then our governments true agenda will have been completed. All hail George Bush! Once again the true right wing agenda rears its ugly head. When you are relying on corporate health care, guess what? You're "Denied". When this is all done, the only people who will be able to access top notch medical care are the people who work for the top corporations. Like, Oil companies who pay for the absolute best health care "Supplemental Insurance" for their employees. That's who is going to be getting care at the new Edmonton Clinic. You can watch from the sidewalk. Financed by public funds and administered by Corporations. It is the Alberta Way! The reason this government has no money is because 3 of their contractor friends have to be paid 80 dollars in order for you to be delivered 30 dollars of anything. More corporation, less government. How's that working out for everyone? This government does not care who they have to torture and starve in order to achieve their goals. It makes my sad to know others will suffer as I have suffered.

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