Brent McGillis: Dec 9, 2015

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

WCB is OF the Corporations and FOR the Corporations

  The AB WCB is a product OF the Corporations because the Corporations are the ONLY ones ever allowed into a WCB Consultation meeting! I am shocked that they even told the Farmers about the location or the dates for these phony consultations. I was told the very first year after I fell that
A.) I was not on the guest list, B.) I was not invited! C.) You are NOT a recognized "Stakeholder"
After I was cut off of benefits just 6 months after I broke my back in a fall at work, I decided, "Hey, why don't I go see what one of these stakeholder meetings is all about". I was told to leave.
So the LIE that Farmers will be included in these phony consults is just nothing more than pure Propaganda by the WCB of Alberta. This is HOW the WCB of Alberta misleads the people who have the most at stake and who stand to loose the most, is by holding BOGUS consultations across Alberta!
  If the WCB is actually listening to stakeholders now, that would be a shocking turn around in this Legal Hack organization that is empowered by the Hacks and Quacks Network of bogus doctors supplied by the College of Physicians. If you don't know, the College is a lobby group for private Health care.

  Today I met a farmer at one of the local farmer's markets here in Edmonton and we got to talking about Bill 6. He was hurt in a workplace accident just like myself, and he received a bad back injury. He told me that it took the WCB of Alberta TEN YEARS to finally help him. His account of what happened after he was injured mirrored my experience where the WCB AB would only expose him to Hacks and Quacks crony WCB doctors. This is a common thread amongst Seriously Injured Workers here in Hellberta. Farmers KNOW how the WCB operates, and he as a farmer is NOT interested in allowing those WCB/OHS people onto his property. He said the WCB of Alberta finally paid him out only 10% for his disability, saying that it only affected his one leg.
  But more importantly we got to discussing the WCB of Alberta itself as an organization, and we are both of the same opinion that the WCB is ONLY in business for the Corporations and nobody else, other than of course the Government Workers that are guaranteed benefits in their Union Agreements.
The Alberta Government is the LARGEST EMPLOYER in the province of Alberta and as such they are guaranteed benefits, so the Government Employees and their Unions like Cops, Firemen and bureaucrats naturally feel as though they are served well by this super corrupt organization.
  We were both in agreement that we feel that this Bill is the means by which the large American Corporations will wield this government mechanism to bring about the END of the Family Farm in Alberta.
 If you look at every other Industry that the PC Conservatives have tampered with, they have in EVERY instance chosen to make a small group of their cronies into the beneficiaries as owners of the new MONOPOLY in the industry they have chosen to corrupt.
  This instance is no different, the only difference is that the Corporations have cleverly manipulated the NDP Government into being the "Bad Big Brother" government agency that the WildRose is using to their full advantage for political gain. WildRose is the political benefactor of Bill 6 and the NDP will be remembered as the government that pounded the Final Nail into the Family Farm coffin in Alberta, that is the political fallout of this bill.
 The Farmers can easily recognize that injured workers have failed miserably at reverse engineering the Laws of the Land, and they also know that the FARMERS will never be able to rescind the Laws once they are written. This is WHY we need to KILL Bill 6!
 There is NO worker in history that has managed to rewrite the WCB LAWS to correct wrongs by this super corrupt corporation. Injured workers have never changed ANY WCB Policies.
  It is important to recognize that the WCB has never in their history "ALLOWED the Public to be Consulted!" That is a fact. NO PUBLIC CONSULTATION is the "Modus Operandi" for the WCB of Alberta. This is how they operate, the WCB AB don't WANT any of the people the claim are  "Stakeholders" to have any input. When the WCB of Alberta indentifies you as a "Stakeholder", this means hang onto the tops of your rubber boots and bend over because the WCB of AB is about to drop by and give you a Stakeholder inspection!
  The WCB could care less about your opinon or the opinon of any other Albertan, consultation is not  how they manage to wantonly ABUSE injured workers. Consultation would reveal that the majority of claimants are not happy and never were, the WCB of Alberta does not want these FACTS leaking out.
  Like I said the WCB is of the corporations, and is designed FOR the biggest Transnational Corporations operating in Alberta. The Farmers can see this and they don't like what is coming down their driveway. If you are Turkey shooting when they show up, tell them that you did not want to "Raise your voice" cuz you thought you might scare them. AB Govt. workers have "Zero Tolerance for Loud Voices" in their work environment. God, these govt. people would be of no use on a Farm, right?
 Safety First: So for the protection of Govt. workers that are afraid of loud voices it is best if you don't holler any warnings, for their own protection you understand.
  You see that Lay-a-bout Government workers are not able to comprehend "Loud Voices" directed at them because of their pampered life styles the enjoy working for a government emloyer who is NOT allowed to FIRE their lazy asses. I have always said that when they put up those Zero Tolerance signs in Govt. offices, now you have empowered these people to Act like GOD!
  Injured workers know what it is to be told by WCB personnel that THEY ARE GOD! Nice huh?
And THAT is how the WCB of AB manages to Marginalize claimants and ban them from their property, is by their Loud Voices policy. But they can phone you at home and yell all they want at YOU?
  First the WCB enrages you, and then they MARGINALIZE you, it is their MOST important and effective TOOL to deny you your rights as an injured worker.

 Just tell the WCB Employees (OHS) that the light switches in the barn don't work and this will be enough to scare them from ever looking inside the barn.
 The Lazy do-nothing Home Care people sent by the WCB told me it was Too Dangerous for them to go down the stairs", but it was OK for me to climb the stairs everyday by myself after surgery while the do-nothings stood at the top of the stairs watching!
The Lazy do-nothing WCB Homecare people did not even SHOW UP for 4 days after I was released from the hospital, the WCB AB is a damn poor excuse for Injured Worker care that is for damned sure.