Brent McGillis: Jul 23, 2009

Thursday, July 23, 2009

More Bad News

I went to my doctors office today, my heart sank when he read my MRI, and said it is entirely possible that I will now require surgery on my neck. Just as I have said for a very long time (June 13, 2006) there is something wrong with my neck. MARCH 04, 2006 Scans. MARCH 09, 2006 Scans. I even wrote a letter to Kathy Morgan (LETTER ORIGINAL) back then because I was floored with my Spinal Surgeons' response, that he was, "only being paid to fix my back". That was back in 2006.
Corporate Alberta rears its ugly head. (This is all consistent with, Crappy Contracters=Crappy Disability Insurer). I cannot figure out why N.B. does not want to be assimilated by the Alberta Corporate model. You think they would welcome assimilation.
Not only did I complain to Dr. Jiang about my neck, but I also told Dr. Wilson of my neck difficulties, popping 10 times a day. Here is one of his physician reports before WCB Alberta shut him down by cutting me off permanently. No danger of WCB paying for anything they already ambushed me last week by telling my Doctor that I never complained in the hospital. I told my doctor, " I was on Morphine!"
I wonder how many specialists the Alberta Government and the WCB Alberta Sponsor to come here and work? Then they can pre-program them for their true objective, ToryCorp Health. ToryCorp Health will of course be a superior organization run by non other than, their very own "Superboard". Kinda has a private club sound to it, doesn't it? You know, there was this super race one time. ... They had the very same dilemma. Being superior you know.
In the final analysis, it has to be stated. You know what? There was nothing wrong with my neck before I fell. It has been giving me hell ever since and I want something done about it, before I end up like Superman did.
Here is the link to the results My MRI report on my C-Spine (neck)., page 2 of the report. I am just so tired of unqualified predator doctors posing as medical experts and ambushing me without qualifying credentials or exploratory evidence. WCB Alberta has a new rent a doc, who is a Mr. Charleton.
My doctor is understandably being misled by WCB Alberta. Legitimate health care professionals simply cannot understand how their very own medical alumni, are willfully maliciously applying medical skills.
Dr. Charleton did write a letter to my doctor. I did not discover this until months later. I requested to see the WCB doctors letter, from my doctor. Obviously doctor Charleton does not feel that maliciously attacking my medical condition would warrant sending me a copy of his findings. Doctor Charleton did act maliciously, by not acquiring further medical evidence. Non treatment is considered under Acts of threats and co-ercion within a licensed medical facility in the Province of Alberta. Millard Health Center is so used to using this technique that they think this is standard operating procedure for a medical facility. Why wouldn't they. Their model is a American HMO model. Proper investigation of my case would include, appropriate radiographs, examination by spinal surgeons or any chronic pain specialists, by actually opening up my medical records and reviewing all available documentation on my case. Here is a shocker, how about the WCB Alberta actually perform a proper spinal IME? A proper Independant Medical Examination of my Spine that follows all of the procedures laid out in the AMA Guide to Permanent Impairments. Unqualified medical workers employed by Alberta WCB producing felonious reports, and not even bothering to send me a copy of these bogus findings. STAKEHOLDERS, so Alberta WCB won't have to look it up. This is just one more felonious method that the WCB Alberta uses in its toolbox of creating felonious evidence against my case. "Corporate health care coming to a loved one near you." Colleen Bamford if you were terribly injured, is this how you would like to be treated? I wish my doctor would tell WCB that if it is important enough for their doctor to phone him with, than it is important enough to put in a letter. Superboard, can you Feel the rush?
I drove by the Charles Camsell Hospital and could not help but think... that its giant hulking ghost towers as a monolith to the Alberta Governments mismanagement of health care. They took a 100% completely working mechanism of the health care system and destroyed it, good job. And to this day they have never been able to approach that level of care that existed within its walls. The echoes of true pioneers will never fade.

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