Brent McGillis: Aug 5, 2015

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Alberta Health Minister faces questions about Primary Care Networks EJ story

My interpretation of the PCN Network is that Premier Redford created the "Perfect Healthcare environment" for private little clubs of the BEST doctors in Alberta. These little "Healthcare Boutiques" would assemble the BEST and the most expensive doctors together under ONE roof so that the Richest Albertans with the MOST money would be able to do one stop shopping when it comes to getting the BEST Healthcare available in Alberta.
 The End result is that the wealthiest anointed Albertans with the MOST money really DO FEEL that they deserve BETTER Healthcare than the unwashed people with less money.
There is one more benefit to the PCN ideology when it is applied to when applied to Alberta Health Services, is that the Alberta WCB can then manufacture their very OWN PCN full of Hacks and Quacks. The Hack Network doctors will be guaranteed to diagnose you as being ready and fit to return to work even if you are missing BOTH legs. This is the danger in the PCN Network because it allows the government and corrupt Health providers to divide the population into Rich Boutique Healthcare vs. Ghetto Care Network.
 Too many people think that ALL doctors are committed to “The Oath” and helping their fellow human beings, this is not so. The fact is there are equal amounts that are only in the business to get rich and get out with a fist full of dollars. The College of Physicians in Alberta is an organization that is totally committed to the full Privatization of HealthCare and the promotion to this very end. They are nothing more than a lobby group for privatization in my opinion.
 So in summary I think that it is a good thing that the Health Minister is taking her time to do a full and proper assessment of this poorly executed Network as it stands to date.