Brent McGillis: Alberta Doctors forcing Injured workers on to Fentanyl laced street drugs

Thursday, September 24, 2020

Alberta Doctors forcing Injured workers on to Fentanyl laced street drugs

   I am currently in B.C. and have run out of medications because my doctor, Dr. Adelemi Adebayo refuses to give me any more than 2 months of pain medications per visit. This is incredibly difficult for me as I am trying to get all the permits in place for the construction of my retirement home. I have a great deal of difficulty at the best of times in coordinating any kind of trip because of my disability. Most times that I plan a trip of any distance, it takes me days, if not weeks to plan and load all the necessary things that I want to take as well as the things that I will need for my trip as a disabled person. I don't just pack up and jump in the car like fully able bodied persons do, for me it takes time, often a lot of time to prepare for a trip.

  I spoke to my pharmacist today and she told me that it is totally possible to send a triplicate via fax, and that that prescription is recognized anywhere in Canada. Dr. Adebayo told the assistant that that is not allowed, so for me this signals that Dr. Adebayo simply does not WANT to send a prescription. This puts me in a total crisis situation, I am in a small town in B.C., I don't even have a B.C. medical card, this is a crisis of gargantuan proportions for me. This situation IS Precisely the kind of corner that seriously injured workers are driven into by the abusive policies of the Alberta Government.

  The preposterous and fake medical policies of the Kenney Govt. are at the core of what is driving people to overdose on the street, becaue Governments across Canada are DRIVING the opiate overdose epidemic. It is NO Coincidence that immediately after Kenney took office as Premier, that my doctor began choking off supply of my medications. This has downloaded an enormous financial penalty on to people who really need these medications. These abusive policies are KILLING Injured workers who are desperate for relief from the pain they endure every day. Choking off supply of legal medications are choking the life out of legitimate pain suffers across the country.

  Chronic Pain is exactly as described, it is chronic which means it is constant, it never leaves. It haunts your days, your nights and any kind of activity that you decide that you might want to participate in. Chronic pain is relentless, it overpowers anything that you are doing, it will stop you in your tracks if you do not have any kind of pain relief to help you cope with what is a legitimate injury that has been fully recognized by the Workers Compensation Board.

  No surprise for chronic pain sufferers because to add insult to injury, The Workers Compensation Board does not and NEVER has paid for my medications.

  Seared into my mind is the trauma of the night my claims manager phoned me to tell me my appeal of her decision was denied, it was difficult to decipher her message since she was "Screaming insults at me on the phone." She seemed to get an extra boost of evil triumph telling me I was cut off medications forever. Somehow there is a direct connection from some of the demented claims managers schadenfreude behaviors, and the Hocus Pocus psychological miracles that WCB Millard espouses about their CULT Medicine named Nueroplasticity.  

 This policy of forcing seriously injured workers on to the streets of Canada in search of relief from their relentless pain goes back for over 14 years, when I was first cut-off of benefits. The very FIRST time that the WCB cut me off of benefits was 6 months after I fell off a steel rafter and broke my back. Taunting and seriously abusing injured workers who have suffered life altering injuries, combined with the WCB Policy of deliberate pain medications DENIAL produces injured workers who simply cannot cope.

  To this day, the WCB of Alberta does NOT pay for my medications, they refuse to, they told me that was MY responsibility. When I attended the WCB Millard, those crackpots were trying to convince me that their HOCUS POCUS fake science {}

 was all that I needed to deal with my chronic back pain! It was outrageously stupid fake medicine that was concocted by American Hacks and Quacks doctors in the U.S., for the explicit purpose of driving seriously injured workers onto the streets of America in search of relief from their terrible suffering.

  The WCB Millard is pushing fake mental health propaganda onto injured workers, with the Nueroplasticity dogma of Dr. Phil and fake Dr. Frank Lawlis. 

  I even challenged the physiotherapy people to produce the peer reviewed evidence that these neuroplasticity techniques really work. I told them,"You are selling fake psychological medicine, the same stuff Dr. PHIL is selling!"

  They were surprised to learn that they were selling the same crap medicine that is sold in the daytime television slot of the networks.

The Alberta WCB has hammered into the Dr Phil fake science into the minds of the completely neophyte victims of this fake Science and what amount to fake Medicine. I challenged the WCB Millard physiotherapists to provide the proof of Peer-reviewed scientific evidence that this the fake treatment of Neuroplasticity is recognized by real scientists and doctors. They could not provide ANY evidence of this Quackery known as Neuroplasticity was anything other than Quack Science that is being promoted on The Dr. Phil Show.

  This series of events that I was subjected to really made me sit back and think about their physiotherapy staff that have been systematically groomed and re-programmed to believe in fake medicine. Worse than their stoic belief in the science of stupidly derived fake medicine is their undying efforts to promote this fantasy medical form of Hocus Pocus (Witchcraft medicine).

  The really amazing thing about the WCB Millards physiotherapy staff and their belief in this form of Dr. Phil generated witchcraft is that these therapists are EDUCATED PEOPLE!

That fact in of itself shows how gullible people who graduated from schools of higher learning (Universities/Colleges) truly are. If people who hold degrees that they got here in Alberta, then this is NO surprise in a province that openly promotes religious dogma and belief in a guy who lives in the sky and sees everything you do, and then stands by idly as people suffer and die. They call this guy God, and Hellberta is full of these dogmatic robots that will believe anything that a guy holding up a bible says.

  And as I suspected the "fake Doctor" behind all of this made up quackery is NOT even a real doctor. He is like Dr. Ho, he has given himself the title of Doctor, when in fact, he carries NO Medical License to practice medicine anywhere. Here is the story of Nueroplasticity in all of it's fantasy, made for television medicine.

This is the reality for injured workers who are in real need of medicine like painkillers, but are offered up a plate of Dr. Phil made for television, Hocus Pocus that was created by a guy with no credentials. You can't even make this shit up, but for injured workers this is their reality when they are subjected to treatment at the WCB Millard facility. You get Dr. Phil medicine!

Who the fuck needs to pay for this shit medicine?

Just turn on your television at 3 O'clock, and you can get all the free Dr. Phil medicine that you can possibly need. Right? What a fucked up province. And people want to come here? WHY?

This is Hellberta, that is ALL it will ever be! 

Drunk Ralph's "Alberta Advantage" was built on the backs of injured workers!

That is the fantasy that Hellbertans seek, a phony reality that ensures that corporations will NEVER have to bear the burden of seriously injured workers.

What a sad reality that people in Alberta seek. Snake Oil, promoted by a Snake Oil salesman, Jason Kenney. I hope the Christians get what they deserve. I mean that. 

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