Brent McGillis: The true colors of corruption come shining through Dr. John Cowell, Kline's WCB henchman

Thursday, March 2, 2023

The true colors of corruption come shining through Dr. John Cowell, Kline's WCB henchman

   It has been revealed this week that Dr. John Cowell, the old crony of Drunk Ralph's Progressive Conservative Government is guilty of wasting taxpayers money.

  That Dr. Cowell is guilty of being "Out of touch" with the voting electorate. Dr. John Cowell was NEVER in touch with voters or with regular on the street Joe-hard working citizen. Dr. John Cowell was the elitist that fucked over WCB recipients, this is going back like 30 ago.

  For sure what is going on here is that the current version of the PC Government of Ralph Kline is that they are simply Re-hashing the old PC Party policies.

A.) Cowell had spent the millions he bilked WCB injured workers out of back in the 90's, and he seriously needed to return to the "PC Govt BOTTOM-less PIT of money in Edmonton so that he can prop up his Rock star lifestyle of spending taxpayers money like it is coming out of a Firehose.

B.) In typical PC Govt fashion the current PC's (UCP) needed a Henchman to do the dirty work of firing CEO's and any kind of organized trouble makers with AHS that could make life difficult for Daniel Smith as she hacks and chops her way to fully privatized medicine in Hellberta.

  Nothing NEW to see here, this is just Ralph Kline 2.0, a newer and easier to chew on form of Progressive Conservative politics and this is Daniel Smiths regurgitated old policies of Ralph Kline where she is prepping the Alberta Health Services for the switch over to Fully Privatized Health Care delivered by American Giant Health Care providers from Houston, Texas.

  There is nothing new here, the same old Kline privatization model, the SAME old cronies like Dr. John Cowell and the same old American Healthcare providers. Ralphy may be dead and in the grave but Daniel Smith is picking up the torch of Drunk Ralph and running with it.

  Like I have always said about Alberta, "In Hellberta it is STILL 1959."

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