Brent McGillis: Adriana Snashall is a conspiracy theorist Healthcare worker

Thursday, August 17, 2023

Adriana Snashall is a conspiracy theorist Healthcare worker

   This is an interesting and confusing idea to me that Adriana Snashall that was the abusive and threatening Town Bylaw officer in 2021 when she threatened to "Financially Bury me", that this woman would go on to a career in Healthcare? Like Huh? WTH?

  I do not see the connection of a woman who by accounts of her previous employer is a Conspiracy theorist. How do I know this, because the Mayor of the Town of Creston has told me so.

  Mayor Arnold DeBoon told me that Adriana Snashall was fired from the town because she refused to get a vaccine for the Covid 19 Vaccine as per Town policy. So now this is a very telling revelation by the Mayor, Arnold BeBoon who likes going around in whisper campaigns behind people backs.

 This reveals a number of disturbing facts about the Town of Creston and the abusive Town Council that runs this town.

 A.) The Town of Creston has been cavalier about exposing Senior citizens within their town to the Corona-virus. How do I know this? Because they had Adriana criss-crossing the town and speaking directly to Senior citizen property owners, putting the founders of this community at Extreme risk of exposure to the Covid-19 virus. Like WOW, did the Town notify these residents that if they came into close personal contact with Adriana Snashall, that they could have been exposed to the Corona-virus and be infected or they could have potentially died from the negligence of the Town of Creston.

  B.) Was there a public notice or notification to the towns people of their possible exposure to the Covid-19 virus? No? Not ever? Is this evidence of a cover-up by the Town of Creston because they feared notifying the Seniors in town of this exposure would potentially expose the Town of Creston to legal jeopardy? Did the Town fear litigation so much, that they decided it was best to tel NO-one in town?

Wow, just wow at the cavalier endangerment of the Seniors in this town, by Town Hall is shocking!

  C.) Thirdly and most likely the most shocking of all is that Mayor Arnold DeBoon told me in my meeting that Adriana Snashall was an anti-vaxxer, which means she is also a conspiracy theory believer (Plain English: A bonified Nutbar)

  D.) Mayor Arnold Deboon told me he would hire Adriana Snashall back tomorrow if he could but the Town policy does not allow employees to be unvaccinated. So he would endanger the Senior citizens of Creston in a heartbeat if he were allowed to do so? Like WTF is going on in the Mayors mind?

Arnold Deboon told me that he totally did NOT believe me about the fact that his "Nutbar pal" Adriana Snashall threatened to financially destroy me, and said he believes that I am a liar. He kept saying over and over, "Wheres your evidence?" I replied that I was unaware that I needed to hire a private detective to monitor town officials when I am speaking with them. He replied, "Well why did you not report this incident when it occurred?"

  I replied, "Because I knew that the town was run by a tiny little clique of Land owners that enjoy having total control and that because of how he was treating me in my meeting with him."

  I asked him, "What kind of hack operation are you running here in this town? You go around threatening, harassing Senior citizens that are disabled? Like WTH is going on here and who empowered you to threaten and intimidate newcomers to this town?

  I knew this was a weird little cliquey town of religious crazies but this is not how I envisioned my retirement turning out. This program of threats and intimidation is a gross abuse of authority and I told Arnold so. So I asked him, "Who empowered you to destroy tax paying citizens lives, was it the province? No he replied. "Was it the Federal Govt, who gave you the power to go around threatening to financially ruin new arrivals to this town?

  It was a nonsensical meeting with Arnold using his political skills to talk in circles and imply that I was lying. I asked him, "Why would I make up such a story?" The meeting was going nowhere with Arnold just spouting lies in circles, so I got up and to told him the meeting was over.

  Creston is NOT a Town that you would want to retire in, it is a hellhole of people that only have an interest in the town bylaw officer being used as a harassment tool for new residents. I told Arnold that I severely REGRET deciding to retire in the Town of Creston, B.C., I told him that the Town had deliberately set up their bylaw system to abuse residents that do NOT fit in their little clique.

  I asked him where is the accountability? Where is the recording ot town officials that go around threatening to ruin the lives of residents? He said that Adriana used her OWN phone for town business.

  I said, "Your town is to cheap to buy a phone for official business?" Like the answers he was giving were bizarre and he was so proud that there was NO accountability at the Town office.

  I want to know, "Where is my due process?" I even told Arnold that this meeting was NOT a real investigation, it was just him hurling insults at me and implying that I am lying, and he is doing all of this behind my back. I told the Mayor that I want an apology, and I want it to be a public apology. He scoffed at that idea of accountability of his town employees, and said, "Well that is NEVER going to happen."

  I am deeply offended and now I am even MORE terrified of the Town and their intimidation tactics to drive me off of my land that I paid CASH for! I look at every human in town now with fear and distrust of their intentions. A corrupt Town that believes in terrorizing seniors that are disabled. Wow, what a bunch of heroes this Hellhole turned out to be.(Sic)

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